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Thread: F4i 3D drawing

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    Originally posted by jsouthee:
    I don't seem to be able to access the file on my Solidworks 2004. Is it a later saved version? any chance of e-mailing a version that's compatible? (jsouthee@hotmail.com)

    Thanks for the file hosting

    Tom: Yeah, I had it all pretty like, but our full assemblies are already getting insane, so I cut down on the number of faces. Sometimes you have to sacrifice beauty for functionality...

    John: I'll convert the file to an IGES. It won't be directly editable, but it will open in 2004 and you can always add stuff to it or subtract from it pretty easily.

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    Well, since we started talking about engine CAD models I'm wondering if anybody out there has an accurate model of Suzuki GSX-R 600 motor in SolidWorks format?

    Your help is much appreciated
    Durmach UOIT Motorsports

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    The solidworks link is messed up - it's a text file. Thanks for hosting!
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    so, I've heard some conflicting reports on this post, how accurate is this CAD model?

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    Rehosted here... IGS will open in almost any solid modelling prog, the sldprt is SW2005.

    We did our test fitment of the engine a little while back and it's pretty close. I'll know how close in a couple days when the engine mounts are and put in place.

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    Downloading your file right now dave, thanks.

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    It looks like it's been a while since this thread has been added to but can I get a copy of F4i as well.


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    If anyone sends it out, could they please also send it to me.



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    I would also really appreciate a copy. sathersc@muohio.edu
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