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Thread: F4i 3D drawing

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    Anyone know where I could get a precise 3D drawing of the engine?

    I'll have access to a 3d scanner soon but if there's a way to get without having to use de scanner I'd be glad!

    We use to do it with a Faro Arm but it takes forever.

    Alexandre Belleau
    FSAE Sherbrooke Team Captain
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    I have one in Solidworks that I hear is better than the one that's been floating around for the past few years. What's your email?

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    I would also really appreciate if you could share this. If possible, please send a copy to tdatta@gmail.com

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    Hi Alex,

    If it isn't too much trouble, please CC me when you send out the model. My email is trojanek@orst.edu



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    Solidworks that I hear is better than the one

    Alex me too. Y mail is racheltang00@yahoo.com



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    I'd be glad to get a copy as well,

    henningo (at) gmail.com
    KTH Racing '03-'08
    Dartmouth Formula Racing '07

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    Hello Gents,

    If someone could forward me a copy as well to derek.guzman@lycos.com I'd appreciate it.

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    Could you send copy to smasheart@hanmail.net
    I'd be glad to get one as well...
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