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Thread: Drain plug in fuel system

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    I found out through the cost report that the drain plugs mentioned in it are magnetic, i have searched enough but i still do not know why we need a magnetic drain plug

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    If you can send me a screen shot of a google search that doesn't answer your question I'll tell you.

    But don't expect me to wait.

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    Congratulations on your astute observation. Proper understanding of the effect of the magnets is one of the keys to being very fast on the racetrack. This secret is not well known.

    The reason for the magnets is to polarise and stabilise the wobbly electrons as they orbit the atoms in the various fluids when the car is in motion.

    They are usually included in the drain plugs as they need to be changed when the car is run on a clockwise or anticlockwise circuit. Changing the drain plugs is easy as long as you remember to put your finger over the hole to stop the water, oil or fuel from escaping. Note the fluids may be hot, so work quickly!

    Polarisation of these magnets needs to be positive when the car is run clockwise in the northern hemisphere and negative when they run counter clockwise.

    In the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true. This has caused difficulties for teams coming south for the Australian competition and for the Aussies who go north, though the Aussies are very aware of this reverse polarisation because the water swirls in the opposite direction when going down the drain here.

    Teams in Singapore, which is virtually on the equator, have particular difficulty. Kanpur, being well north of the equator, should have no problems but beware of magnetic interference from the Himalayas.

    The usual effect of incorrectly polarised drain plug magnets is it reverses the proper electron flow in the entire engine electrical system, especially the high voltage in the ignition system. The reverse electron flow causes electricity to flow backwards from the spark plugs to the coils and, unless frequent stops are made to allow the electronic pressure to deplete, the coils will actually rupture, permitting the high voltage electrons to corrupt all the other electrical components in the car, including the drivers quartz watch!

    As you can see, the magnetic plugs are very important in the design of your car and that is why they are called out specifically in the Cost Report.

    One last hint, be very careful if you use steel or cast iron brake discs with metallic brake pads. The amount of magnetised electrons they release can easily upset the magnetic equilibrium in your car.

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    Thanks for this Pat. You made my day
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    Originally posted by Sarvesh:
    So, i found out through the cost report that the drain plugs mentioned in it are magnetic.
    You are not supposed to say that, it is a very closely guarded secret that only winning teams know about.
    Cheers, Tony

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    I'm sorry Tony, I had to let all the special tuning secrets out, But I really had to do it, otherwise how will our SubContinental friends ever catch up?

    But understand your reluctance to let all the secrets out so I will not mention the Brock Orgone theory....OOps, I just did

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    I'm not a motor guy, but I always thought it was to help lower the centre of gravity by pulling all of the car's heavy steel components in the direction of the ground.

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    There are multiple options available besides magnetic drain plugs, although they are the lightest and most power-efficient solution. However, to get around the polarization problems Pat mentioned, these can make for a simpler solution as they work just as effectively on both hemispheres regardless of proximity to the Himalayas.

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    You need to be careful making that recommendation. If you read the feedback, you will see that this may not be the real thing but a poor imitation (Chinesium magnets rather than Unobtanium or Unavailabillium)!

    Because this aspect of performance improvement is so effective and so little is known about it, cheats and charlatans abound! I have seen some absolute rubbish posted on forums!

    My advice would be to carefully read anything you see on the subject and carefully consider the implications.

    Because incorrect polarisation could actually kill someone (Ie, a FSAE Endurance driver fitted with a first generation heart pacemaker) chances should not be taken.

    We understand that at FSAEland and by putting the magnetic drain plugs in the Cost Report, we are giving a broad hint to the less knowledgable teams.

    Hopefully, this will prompt our Subcontinental friends to carefully investigate magnets, crystal energy, magnetism, astrology, orgone energy and pyramid power (They are the reasons triangulation makes a spaceframe stiff!).

    So, rather than take a chance on what might be a dodgy magnetic fuel conditioner, I would recommend good old fashioned magnetic drain plugs. The new rare earth ones are fantastic, but once again, check the polarity!

    The trick is ... There is no trick!

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    Question Pat.
    If you can get fridge magnets for free, do they really need to go into the cost report ?
    Cheers, Tony

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