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Thread: Exchanging Pump Motor oil

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    Hello, we are the FSAE Brazil and we have a hornet 600 engine and I know we will order enough this engine. I have looked in several places but have not yet found the answer, someone can tell me if it is necessary to change the oil pump for a more powerful conventional? The hornet 600 has an oil cooler, you would need to exchange for a larger radiator?
    Sorry if I wrote something that violates the laws of the forum, I'm new here. thank you

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    Are you asking if you need to swap the oil pump for a high volume pump?

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    yes, we do not know if the conventional pump will do the trick, I'm also looking if is necessary to replace the oil cooler for a longer.

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    Why would you need to get a larger volume pump? The higher flow rate of oil will not improve performance or prevent starvation by itself.
    Owen Thomas
    University of Calgary FSAE, Schulich Racing

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    thats true .. but there is another point. There is a possibility that oil gets thinner with the engine warm, but this is related to the water cooler ... It seems that the lubrication system does not need many adjustments as long as the cooling system is properly adjusted.

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    If you search around on this forum a little bit, you will find many threads discussing both the cooling and lubrication systems of a typical 600cc engine.
    Owen Thomas
    University of Calgary FSAE, Schulich Racing

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    ok, I tried before and not found anything, but I'll look more deeply now

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