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Thread: Formula SAE 2007 Competition: Detroit - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More

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    It's that time again.

    Please share if you have any information.

    I can help host pictures if anyone needs it just email them to me (see my profile).

    Good luck to everyone.
    James Waltman
    VRI at WWU Alumn
    FSAE 01 to 05

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    Its empty now, but won't be in a few days...


    I can also help host if people need it. Just click the "register" link at the top right of that gallery page and include something about FSAE in your registration info and I'll set up your own account.
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    Helsinki has stayed at Oakland University for few days and pictures/stories from that stay can be found from our website.
    From that site you can also find pictures from every becoming day. I'll inform here after every update.
    Kimmo Hirvonen
    Helsinki Polytechnic Formula Engineering Team '04-'07

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    Anything out of the ordinary burning people in Tech? A lot of teams waited in line all afternoon and didn't make it in the building...
    "...with powershifts and tiresmoke for all"

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    First update from the competition site is ready.
    I didn't have the time to take that much of photos of technical stuff, but there should be photos of every car that I saw which wasn't covered with tarp.
    You'll find 'em at our website.
    Tomorrow I'll put new ones there.
    Kimmo Hirvonen
    Helsinki Polytechnic Formula Engineering Team '04-'07

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    Nice pictures Kimmo. Looks like your car turned out as gorgeous as it usually does...

    PSU is looking good too...

    Could be UTA's return to glory...

    Western Wash brought another "tube frame" car...

    And looks like Rutgers is joining the aero club...

    And I can't resist, hopefully this year the UM-D guys are going to surprise even more people with a more reliable and powerful engine. Good luck guys...

    UMich-Dearborn '04-'06
    Carnegie Mellon '99-'03
    [url=http://eVileNgineering.com][b]eVil eNgineerin

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    I have some quick pics of UofArizona before they left town, I'll try to update my site with any pics I get sent, and feel free to pass them on to me if you need a place to host your pictures.

    I'd love it if people can comment on any of the pictures (new or old), adding universities/drivers/specs.


    Enjoy, and good luck Arizona.

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    updates please!
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    Well... it has been miserably cold and windy, most of the paddock is a giant gravel pit, the event schedule is impressively crammed into limited hours that we can be on site, a decent amount of people have yet to pass noise for some strange reason (even TU Graz had to try the noise test multiple times before they passed), and did I mention how cold it is?

    Also, with the super-condensed schedule, gone are the days of finishing out the line of cars after the cut-off time; now it's the case where if you're in line at the deadline, then you're out of luck since events close at the specified time regardless of the number of cars in line.

    We were caught midway through tech last night (as were a decent amount of cars) and had to finish up this morning which made it quite fun to work on finishing all of today's events. We were also one of the teams that got caught out by noise (111 db), so tomorrow looks to be quite the monumental task since we still need to work on finishing up brake and noise in the morning before we can go on to the dynamic events (which are also on a hectic schedule).

    Maybe it's just me, but it seems like holding an event with 100+ schools at a secure location such as a manufacturer test track that requires limited access isn't really a good idea. Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?
    Engineers aren't boring people, we just get excited about boring things.

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    Henning, you get what you ask for.
    There's another bunch of pictures at our website to look at.
    Last pictures are from design semi-finals, from which I just came back.
    Sorry I can't give you all the teams at the semis(I was a bit too busy with our own car) but what I can tell you is that three European teams were in it. 2 x Graz and us.
    About the teams that weren't at the semis, couple of regulars were missing: Cornell and UWA.
    Tomorrow will the real racing begin. For now it looks like that weather will be on our side, and everybody gets a good clean run.
    Kimmo Hirvonen
    Helsinki Polytechnic Formula Engineering Team '04-'07

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