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Thread: Racing trade shows to attend

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    Just a clarification that the 25th is the correct date for Claude's presentation, but that is a Wednesday, not a Tuesday.
    Any views or opinions expressed by me may in no way reflect those of Kettering University, it's students and administrators, or our sponsors.

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    Allot of great shows. We have enjoyed supporting allot of SAE teams over the years feel free to stop by our ANZE Suspension booth at PRI Show (booth 1742) to discuss, shocks and service and chassis engineering.

    John, I too, look forward to meeting participants and alumnus!


    Angelo Zarra
    ANZE Suspension 1

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    Out of the box

    Most Formula Students live inside a box. A very intense box with engineering exercises that can help them to get prepared for their career. But a very limited box too.

    I am amazed to observe how knowledgeable some students sometimes are on the specific topics of Formula Student but how little they know about the engineering life in the automotive world, racing or not.

    They are many perspectives on software, sensors, material, machining tools and techniques, calculations methods etc... that students can acquire on the long term for their career and on the short term for their Formula Student car by visiting show and attending seminars and conference.

    Those who do (and got prepared by, for example, printing business cards and a portfolio of their activities - always more convincing than a Resume) can actually extend their network and find a job: I have seen it happening.

    The world offers you opportunities but you need to push the door. That won't happen if you stay home of if your life is limited to the Formula Student workshop.

    Get and think out of the box!
    Claude Rouelle
    OptimumG president
    Vehicle Dynamics & Race Car Engineering
    Training / Consulting / Simulation Software
    FS & FSAE design judge USA / Canada / UK / Germany / Spain / Italy / China / Brazil / Australia

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