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Thread: Racing trade shows to attend

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    Just a clarification that the 25th is the correct date for Claude's presentation, but that is a Wednesday, not a Tuesday.
    Any views or opinions expressed by me may in no way reflect those of Kettering University, it's students and administrators, or our sponsors.

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    Allot of great shows. We have enjoyed supporting allot of SAE teams over the years feel free to stop by our ANZE Suspension booth at PRI Show (booth 1742) to discuss, shocks and service and chassis engineering.

    John, I too, look forward to meeting participants and alumnus!


    Angelo Zarra
    ANZE Suspension 1

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    Out of the box

    Most Formula Students live inside a box. A very intense box with engineering exercises that can help them to get prepared for their career. But a very limited box too.

    I am amazed to observe how knowledgeable some students sometimes are on the specific topics of Formula Student but how little they know about the engineering life in the automotive world, racing or not.

    They are many perspectives on software, sensors, material, machining tools and techniques, calculations methods etc... that students can acquire on the long term for their career and on the short term for their Formula Student car by visiting show and attending seminars and conference.

    Those who do (and got prepared by, for example, printing business cards and a portfolio of their activities - always more convincing than a Resume) can actually extend their network and find a job: I have seen it happening.

    The world offers you opportunities but you need to push the door. That won't happen if you stay home of if your life is limited to the Formula Student workshop.

    Get and think out of the box!
    Claude Rouelle
    OptimumG president
    Vehicle Dynamics & Race Car Engineering
    Training / Consulting / Simulation Software
    FS & FSAE design judge USA / Canada / UK / Germany / Spain / Italy / China / Brazil / Australia

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    In my experience here are the trade shows to attend,

    *PMW Expo in Cologne/Koln Germany
    *PRI in Indianapolis

    PMW usually has a bunch of good lectures you can attend, and to their credit they have really picked up their act over the last couple of years. PRI is a bit of a zoo but the key thing in PRI is to identify the suppliers you are interested in and have a chat to them. In particular talk to Motec, Cosworth, JRI, Eibach. Once you form some personal contacts it does help.

    My two cents worth.

    All the Best

    Danny Nowlan
    ChassisSim Technologies

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    As a follow up to my previous posts, and to expand upon other suggestions, I'll share the following:
    This past week i participated in the SEMA Student Career day, held the Monday before the SEMA show. A similar event will be run at PRI on Friday, along with a student breakfast.
    While a of this event component is the potential for students to interact with perspective employers, the topics for interaction are not restricted to employment opportunities.

    I would suggest that if a team group are attending a show, study the list of seminars offered at the show. Rather than the complete group attending a given seminar, perhaps the
    relevant team section leader attend the seminar or seminars related to that car section or area.

    I want to thank the students who visited our booth at SEMA. I look forward to meet more at PMW in Germany next week, PRI, and Autosport.

    John McCrory
    Racecar Product Manager
    Aurora Bearing Company
    630-859-2030 x 3088

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    For those that are within comfortable travel distance to the Chicago area, you might want to consider the Race and Performance Expo, February 24th and 25th.
    Not as comprehensive as PRI, it can be seen in a day. The show is organized by a long time top level SEMA member. Due to his level of respect within the industry, there are
    major industry companies exhibiting, with quality staffing. There are also some good seminars scheduled as well. It is definitely a cut above most local or regional "race shows".

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    Testing Expo Germany US China and Japan

    Worth to add to this list the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, Germany and Novi, MI, USA and Shanghai, China. OptimumG has a booth in these 3 exhibitions every year.


    Then there is these two in Japan in Yokohama http://expo.jsae.or.jp/english/ and in Nagoya http://expo-nagoya.jsae.or.jp/english/ These two are by far the best exhibitions I know in number of exhibitors and exhibitors quality.
    Claude Rouelle
    OptimumG president
    Vehicle Dynamics & Race Car Engineering
    Training / Consulting / Simulation Software
    FS & FSAE design judge USA / Canada / UK / Germany / Spain / Italy / China / Brazil / Australia

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