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Thread: Peak Horsepower!

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    What I meant was PEAK hp is irrelevant...
    -Charlie Ping

    Auburn FSAE Alum 00-04

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    About 50hp peak. On a cold day.

    I'm with Charlie, who really cares?

    Geoff Pearson

    RMIT FSAE 02-04
    Monash FSAE 05
    RMIT FSAE 06-07

    Design it. Build it. Break it.

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    69hp from 10,000rpm to the 14,000rpm redline.

    I'd agree though, its not the peak you want to concern yourselves with, its the area under the torque curve.


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    Was that HP record with or without 13" chrome spinners?

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    As I was reading this thread I thought I'd make a correction. The record on the dyno was set by the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1998 at 96.8 HP.

    Tim Isenberg

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    where is that documented tim?

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    We have a copy and plaque of it here in Madison, and I imagine that dynojet keeps a record of their own. That car had absolutely no width to the power band and didn't survive endurance due to the boost, classic casses for not designing around absolute peak horespower.

    Tim Isenberg

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    I can back up Tim's claim. Dynojet used to give out the data from competition along with viewing software to FSAE teams who asked nicely. I got the data for the 98 competition from them. They are the all-time champs.

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    As an additional bit of information, it would be nice to know whether or not the figures are with a naturally asperated, or forced induction, engine.
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