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Thread: Quotes from the shop.

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    Some might be NSFW.

    "And that is how you get stung in the dick."

    "all the asses are gone." When looking for someone to use for a poured seat.

    "give me some fucking fuzzies" During a race to remove all the spruces from new tires.

    "Wrap it around your neck. Yeah, just like that." When positioning the TIG leads for welding inside the car.
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Car 3
    '09 Team Leader

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    "This is why we cant have anything f*@#ing nice around here!!!" - Rob Woods

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    I think that one is universal to most teams.
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Car 3
    '09 Team Leader

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    "These brakes are so nice, they could stop your mom from coming on to me."

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    "It was working perfectly in CAD!"
    After having put together some parts of the car that happened to collide here and there
    Lutz Dobrowohl
    Raceyard Kiel

    Now: Scruitineer, Design Judge, application engineer @Altair engineering

    Whatever you do, do it hard!

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    Our 08 advisors made a quote for the new 09 team:

    "Good enough for 09!"
    referring to anything ghetto or half ass.
    -Scott Proimos
    -08 LTU Powertrain Leader

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    "It fit in the model."

    "Maturity does not make the racecar faster."

    I could go on and on...

    Delivering warheads to foreheads.

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    "Well, couldn't we just rust them together??"
    "...NO. We will NOT use rust as an engineering adhesive."
    Colorado FSAE | '05 - '07
    Goodyear Tire & Rubber | '07 - '11
    NASCAR Engineer | '11 - ??

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    It started with:

    "It's just the '05 car,"

    now it's universal to any past vehicle. Except '06.

    Oh, and "Watch the wings!"
    OU Sooner Racing Team Alum '09


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    "I just don't understand" - A favorite from last years team leader.

    "I don't f*cking care, just get it done" - From this years team leader.

    "WIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...." - Said in varying pitches as I try to explain the sounds our cnc made as it cut the hubs, uprights, diff casing or whatever else I had on the cnc the day before

    "That's some Baja engineering right there" - When it just needs to get done.

    "It's been all Formula'd up" - Said by the Baja team when something just doesn't quite work the way it came out of the package.

    "We had to Baja it up" - Said by the Baja team when they take something off the formula car, use it and break it, and then have to fix it at their competition. (This one was used this week; I still can't figure out how you break a balance bar on a 425 lb car on off road tires that had no problem locking up all four on a 580 lb car with racing slicks )
    Shaun Kapples
    Mechanical Engineer
    Alumni, FSAE at UCF

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