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Thread: Car not going to Silverstone, but can I still?

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    Hi all,

    Unfortunately our car isn't ready (I'm absolutely gutted over this). Our campsite is booked and our adviser said it's there for us to use if we still want to go. I went last year, but I didn't get a chance to look around as I spent 90% of my time awake underneath our old car.

    So what I'm asking really is can we still collect our passes on the Thursday and setup a tent in the place we've booked?

    One more question while I'm at it, can we enter the car next year when it's finished?



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    Hey Dan,

    really sad to read, that your car isn't finished.

    About your questions: I would write an e-mail to Fiona O'Rooke, she is very helpful and will tell you, what is possible.

    If you paid for everything I think that you can camp as well as get your passes. My suggestion would be to bring the car and enter the static events. You probably score really bad (in Design) when the car is not finished but you get a lot of feed-back which will help you with next year's car.

    Entering the competition would mean you have to re-build your frame for 2014 (which you don't have to do if you don't bringt the car as far as I know) but I think this is a small price to pay, you probably want to re-design some parts to get the car on the track.

    See you next week,

    AMZ Racing
    ETH Zürich

    2010-2011: Suspension
    2012: Aerodynamics
    2013: Technical Lead

    2014: FSA Engineering Design Judge

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    If you want the reader of this post to be interested in you, it would be nice you introduce yourself. Which team do you belong to? I can see that from your profile but it would be nice to introduce yourself with a brief signature.
    Claude Rouelle
    OptimumG president
    Vehicle Dynamics & Race Car Engineering
    Training / Consulting / Simulation Software
    FS & FSAE design judge USA / Canada / UK / Germany / Spain / Italy / China / Brazil / Australia

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    I thought I had my signature enabled... Looks like it isn't.

    I'm a member of a small FS team in the University of Limerick. My job was primarily the design of the chassis and drive-train.

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