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Thread: "Data Power" data acquisition book wanted

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    I realize this topic comes up rather frequently so I apologize if this is yet another request for the same thing. I also didn't want to hijack BoulderBoy's recent thread with my request.

    That having been said, I would like to buy a copy of this book from anyone who is willing to part with theirs. Perhaps someone has a spare copy or one they no longer need.

    In case no one wants to sell their copy then my next request would be to simply borrow a copy. I would pay to 'rent' it and you would have your book back in the same condition in which you loaned it out.

    If you have something to offer then please either send me a Private Message here on the Forum or email me directly at racin3@hotmail.com

    I would greatly appreciate any help in buying/reading/borrowing a copy of this book.


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    I realize that there are some copies of this book floating around and I suppose that timing is everything. Perhaps the people that have these books don't read this Forum and are not aware that people (like ME....lol) are interested in buying/borrowing/renting a copy of this book.

    For those that do read this Forum if you know of anyone who has a copy of this book that could help me out I'd appreciate you relaying my information to such a person.

    Recently I asked a Forum member if they would sell me their extra copy but he chose to sell it to someone else which, of course, was his prerogative. But there must be more than one copy out there.

    If you would like to keep your book but can spare it for a few days while I take a look at it to see why this book comes so highly recommended, then please contact me and tell me how you'd like to structure a sale/loan/rental. I'd be interested in any reasonable 'deal' that would make you some money to either sell or loan out a copy of your book.

    Thanks for reading and if you have any leads regarding my quest to see what's in this book (or buy it) then please feel free to email me directly at racin3@hotmail.com

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    I'll part with mine for $1000.


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    I guess everyone has a sense of humor. I remember the days when people would actually try and help one another and it wasn't all about money. Maybe that's just me, or perhaps I grew up in a different era.

    I'm not giving up hope though as I have faith that someone, somewhere will sell/loan/rent me a copy for a reasonable amount of money. Maybe not on FSAE, but somewhere.....

    After all, it's not like I'm trying to steal competitive FSAE car secrets, I just want to read a book.

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    Sorry, it wasn't all humor. I just really like that book and don't want to part with it unless it's for a ridiculous amount. It's kind of like an old car you love that you won't part with unless it's the right price even though it's definetly not worth that amount. I'm in the middle of sharing it with my team members so I can't really loan it out.


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    Actually, not that unreasonable!


    I've read the book, a friend has it. It is not that up to date anymore. It is really not terribly useful because of all the new technology. At it's publication date, it was really good stuff. But now more of a history lesson than anything else.
    mmmm..... Garlic.

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    our school got permission from buddy fey and the publisher to copy the book and sell cheap to students for our racecar performance course (part of the motorsports minor)...if they are for sale this fall I will see if I can pick one up for you...
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    ...if they are for sale this fall I will see if I can pick one up for you...
    Thank you very much.

    (Regarding the Amazon link, it's been sitting there for months at that price because no one would buy it)

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    You are a university student? If so you should be able to get it through your library's inter-library loan. It took my library 6 days to find, order and receive a copy of the book, and I can renew it as long as I need to. Look into it...
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