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Thread: Formula SAE Australasia 2011 Competition: - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More

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    and the winner is....


    Not many updates on the final day Waste of a day hanging out in front of my computer. Next time, I'll make the effort to go to the comp

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    All I've been able to make out so far is that Monash won (congratulations again guys!) and ECU were third. I'm guessing UWA and Auckland may have made up 2 of the remaining spots in the top 5, and perhaps RMIT if they finished the second enduro? Looks like they DNF'ed in the first
    Malcolm Graham
    University of Auckland '06-'09

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    1. Monash
    2. UWA
    3. ECU

    Congrats to Monash, another polished performance again it seems. Great stuff by the west aussie teams as well!

    edit: and congrats to UWAM for winning fuel economy with a 4!

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    Anyone knows details about the electric cars in the competition?




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    Not many people know the difference between resolution and accuracy.

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    Great job Monash.

    Does anybody have some times from the dynamic events?
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    Great job Monash! Now that it's over, need stories and PICS!

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    I'm quite intrigued by the results for fuel, no team scored anywhere near the max of 125 points? I know that UWA used around 2.6L for one enduro and Auckland used 3.05L for one, their scores were 68.xx and 55.xx respectively, which using the formula in the Aus addendum doesn't really seem possible. The fact there's two heats, with the best combined enduro/fuel score being used, means it's possible if another team did 2 enduros, using close to 1L in one while scoring very low in enduro, then having a second enduro where they were a lot faster and used a lot more fuel.

    Can anyone shed any light on the situation? I assume it has nothing to do with the EV's since neither finished endurance

    Also this must be the first year in a very long time that I can remember more than 50% of the teams scoring in all events at the Aus comp, well done to you all!
    Malcolm Graham
    University of Auckland '06-'09

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    Something is definitely on the piss here, and it's not made easier by SAE-A's tendency to only post separate fuel and endurance scores for the top 3 from each event.

    UWA endurance score = 298
    UWA fuel score = 68.49
    UWA endurance + fuel score = 356.8 ???
    (sorry WA, not picking on you, you guys are just the only ones who we have scores for enduro and fuel). Even if UWA only scored 58.8 for fuel, they still won economy, but it points to something being a bit funky with the scoring there
    Malcolm Graham
    University of Auckland '06-'09

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    We believe the officials used the Indian team's fuel burn as the minimum amount used in the fuel formula, but they were not fast enough to qualify to win the actual event. They used about 1L, with an air cooled single.

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