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Thread: Cost Reduction Design Measures

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    Hi all !

    Can you tell certain cost reduction design measures that can be implemented ?

    Something like water jet cutting before milling or picking simpler materials to work with.

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    You've gone from one end of the scale to the other.

    First, you asked about cost reduction, then about titanium fasteners.

    In summary, my response to this post should seem obvious, and you may want to kick me (or yourself) for not thinking of it!

    Simplify load paths, decrease the amount of bending loads in the entire car. Make loads as axial as possible during design phases. Want those fancy carbon body panels? You can't have them; use fiberglass instead!

    Dream up the best material you can think of to perform a job, it will probably be carbon, magnesium, or titanium.

    Now substitute every design that you want to make those out of with the next best items, usually making it tenfold or more cheaper. Instead, use fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. LOTS OF STEEL, it's cheap.

    Next, use less material. The less material you use, the less the car costs.
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