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Thread: Fuel Tank Mounting

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    I am curious about the methods of mounting fuel tanks. One rule has the the design constraint that the fuel tank must not be load-bearing so I want to find out the various types of mounting that groups have used to makes this possible. Thanks!

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    After looking at your previous post, you need to understand that this is not really the purpose of this forum. You can find the answers in other, easier ways that don't waste peoples time.

    Now, the simple way to answer this question is to hunt around other teams websites and Facebook pages for pictures (better yet would be having gone to competition yourself, but not really possible right now). If you have hit your final year of school and you don't have the ability to research and brainstorm some ideas related to mounting, engineering education has failed.
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    It all depends on your chassis setup and where you're planning on mounting your fuel tank. The reason it can't be "load bearing" or stressed is so that when your chassis deforms the fuel tank doesn't have a chance of breaking and leaking gas everywhere.
    Basically just make sure you have <=1 rigid mounting points and your tank isn't ever under load. The rest is up to you.
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    We use one tab welded to the tank that is bolted to a tab off the chassis. One point of mounting does not allow load to be transferred through the tank, which meets the rules.
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    Can u plz provide a pic of how & where did you mount your fuel tank? plz help me.

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    Our fuel tank is mounted inside the car using fasteners. I'm sorry, my camera is broken.
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    We used Velcro....
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