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Thread: Reverse Trike Project

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    Yes very perceptive of you. I think in the past you could catogorize smaller street-able vehicles as:

    Covered GoCart
    Cabin Scooter
    Golf Cart (urban tranport)
    Commuter Class

    This one cuts accross those concepts by making a "Commuter Class/Cabin scooter" which is Freeway Ready. Although 15+HP require in most states is a little more than it actually needs.

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    OK, this is the vehicle after 25 years of storage and experiments.

    Not too bad considering everything.

    Here is it's most likely destination as a Mock-up or demo for presentations uses.
    Later it will be restored to gleaming road worthiness.

    The eventual plan calls for two front 3kw scooter hub motors, and a light weight, 5-10kw, high efficency, GenSet (motor genrator) based on a compound rotary engine.

    The hub motors will be a little heavy on the unsprung weight, but HEY this is science (or Fun?) Anyone want to start a new class of racing?

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    Ever tried a sketchup.google.com ? It's a 3D program that's free for everybody to use. Not too hard to figure out compare to most engineering CAD program.

    Just thought i'd introduce you to something other than pen and paper (not that it's a lesser tools).

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    I have Soldiworks on the way. It's just that I have only paper and pen or pencil with me sometimes, and I can experiment with those suddle curves. If I do that, I photo it into digital then ouch it up in paintbrush, like the one above.

    It only takes me a few minutes to paper one into existance. If I like it, it becomes worthy of deeper work.

    DID I ever say I was a CAD/CAM analyst at Boeing for 6 years? OK I didn't draft, I consulted to those who did.

    Still, free is free, so I downloaded it. Thanks I'll try it.

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    As suggested above, I've been working with 3d graphics (Sketchup6) to confirm some of my styling issues. Here's a sample;

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    Definately thinking of marketing this as a motorcycle. But I can go one better than motorcycle. I would also intend for it to be a kit-car.

    I met up with a kit-car manufacturor (Veepster) and added much to my knowledge in that area.

    I have a lot of options for my first body. I may make tooling for it and hand-lay up fiberglass.

    I could use the RQRiley method and sand-down on urathane then glass it. But I have a new method possible.

    I could try a paper mashe on wire frame then composit it up with styrofoam and non-toxic glues. Then it is finshed with epoxy and glass cloth.

    One of those maybe.


    Back view

    front view

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    Nice design, that looks like fun to drive.

    If you want to make this a road legal version though, you'll have to move the lights. The rules differ for various parts of the world, but in general most lights can not be farther than 400mm of the widest part of your vehicle when viewed from the front or back.
    I don't know what you get away with in the US though on a kit car.


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    In the us the center of the light must be 24in (61cm) to 64in (152cm) from the ground and clearly visible to the front. On my vehicle this lower limit would have placed it in the drivers face. So I went to the high side.

    If I could go 18"~20" then I can have the lamp in a recess at the top of the nose next to the windshield. But that would crimp the drivers access to the foot controls.

    There is of course the possiblity of putting one headlight on each side of the front on thier own little wisker-pole winlets. (as you can see above it was done once before.)

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    I'm adding this sketch as a starting point for those interested in the Taddy design.

    This image is slightly improved for rear visiblity and longer wheel base. I'll be doing some more work on the design.

    I'll let everyone know where they are posted when completed, sometime this year. (couple of months.)

    Part of what you see here should be removeable behind the headrest, so you can access the genset etc.

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    I wanted to study styling as it applies to race vehicles. I thought this toy looked similar to a hypathetical SAE 3 wheeler, if such a thing could ever exist. Hey! I like Sci-Fi thinking!

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