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Thread: Reverse Trike Project

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    Yes, definately a looker. I never did find a rear or top view of it until this winter. It turns out to taper very quickly to the rear point. That's sometimes called a 'bluff' form and so at freeway speeds it may deveolop erratic/distrubed airflows.

    I collected car images for years and did a number of 'morphic' studies on them, the Mathis was one. I basically stretched it out as an inline seater rather than a sociable seating.

    I don't really believe in sociable seating for three wheelers, it kind of negates the point of it IMHO.


    lol, yes you would want to have the CG very very low if you choose to do that in a RT. I wouldn't try it in a 1F2R, but somebody would I'm sure.

    You kind of touched on a sore point, of course. Trikes are not as strong a platform as 4 wheelers for any typical circuit racing.

    So that would not be the point of racing them, IMHO. The point would be to improve the breed in a rules limited formula. i.e. the best 3 wheeler you can make, matched to the skills required.

    Of course my favorite is FWD Tadpole configuration, and I don't believe FWD is best for drifting either since you can't easily control oversteering though throttle manipulation.

    So I personally wouldn't do that kind of trick-driving in one. There are other desireable things to pay attention to, things maybe even useful for closed circuit track and top speed racing. :-)

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    Oh, now that you mention it, the top on my Atlantric design is very much like the messerschmitt, but it's removeable. That means I can provide an optional top more suitible to racing, and I intent to do so. 'cause why not? I'ld really really like to see a peripheral ported rotary in one too for track racing, 'cause why not?

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    If anyone gets interested in the current state of the project, there is now a facebook page. Atlantric Project
    In put about the design for either racing or street use is welcome. One innovation discussed is an Indy-Cycle type front suspension. This is where the front wheels are locked together through the same shock system. This is even a stronger 'empathy' for left-right coupling than a beam-axle front end. And has a comparably stronger anti-sway dynamic. Of course the obvious trade-offs exist. But being a three wheeler it's considered a less dramatic loss compared to a 4 wheeler. Those trade offs being more acceptible on the track than for occupant comfort. . .

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