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Thread: Reverse Trike Project

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    I built this thing in the early 80's. I wonder have any of you seen it in the basement etc? Or was it tossed?

    I'm an old timer from back then. I had the nick-name Three-Wheel-Mark ;-)

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    Remove this post please. IT's obviously in the wrong place. Sorry about that!

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    I can move it for you ... but where do you want me to move it to? This seems to be at the right spot, i think.

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    I saw this and thought - 'That sure looks like a WWU kind of project'.

    Then I was pretty sure I knew that building. That's the Enviro Sci building in the background. There's a new building now where your trike was sitting.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure I remember that thing sitting under the canopy behind the shop when I was there. It's been a couple of years now since I was there and I know they're on a big clean-up push right now.
    I'll see if I can get one of the current students to update.

    (This thread is a little off topic but I don't see a reason to move it.)
    James Waltman
    VRI at WWU Alumn
    FSAE 01 to 05

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    What a beast!
    UWW's first attemt at an "out of the box" fsae car?
    Mike Duwe
    UWP Alumni

    Former Drivetrain Leader and Team Captain

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    Hey it is in the back lot right now on the chopping block for being tossed give the VRI a call and ask to speak with me if you are interested in saving/reclaiming it. 360-378-3045 or call me directly on my cell 360-378-7542

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    Ouch, yes I'ld like to find a way to get it. I'm wondering what parts are still left. The AAarms are particularly hard to replace. The front hubs were special,and... well most of it was special in my view duh!

    One thing I can promise is to use it to promote the Detalidon Project (www.Detalidon.com) which may acquire a cash flow in the near future. Which I can in-turn pledge some to back to support FSAE/WWU.

    I will try to call..I'm at
    4 8 0 - 9 8 5 - 3 7 5 4

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    out-of-the-box fsae car
    In about 1980, one of the students built a little 4 wheel vehicle called affectionately "The Monster". It was a rear drive, straight axle, aluminum bath-tub with a Honda 750 4stroke in back. Single driver, very nearly like an over sized go cart. The engine weighed as much as the cart.

    Dr Seal should remember that one. The builder also made a People-Eater. A bicycle turned upside down, so the seat was 3ft up higher, with a huge jaw in front, attached to an offset lobe on the front wheel. It would appear to try and eat people when ridden in Red Square, Looked real sweet when you also sported a pink mohawk! yea, THAT guy!

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    Well good news for everyone who likes this kind of thing. My brother will be aquiring 'Taddy' for us on monday. We plan to restore it and will use it for promotion of a newer version. We may also complete this one for the street.

    I have learned a lot over time about this class of vehicle, and it will be improved. FYI don't go rear wheel drive and don't use such a tall top wing if you plan on a 'treetop headlight'. Also don't use a long tail, even if it makes areodynamic sense. A few points off the gas meter ain't worth your life!

    The wing will be cut lower with LED lamps, and two 3kw motors will drive the front. These may become scooter hub motors. A rear motor could be added if needed. (Yes, unsprung weight WILL be a problem if I use hubs.)

    A genset in the back will make it a defacto hybrid. A few batteries and controllers and we'r good to go!

    The genset could be of a rotary type when available in two years. (found as one of the Xprize contestants, these are used on that VTOL air-car you've heard about)

    Oh yes, lest I forget, it will get a body or at least a windshield and nose fairing.

    Here is a possible temporary look for it, just to get it on the street asap. How 'bout it? Want to race one of these? It would be a very 'techical' race for sure.

    OK, not exactly art. But it will pass inspection (I hope).

    Here is the original design. (wind tunnel model, .20CD)

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    Is this thing battery powered, sounds like a hoped up golf kart with one hell of a body kit!
    Mike Duwe
    UWP Alumni

    Former Drivetrain Leader and Team Captain

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