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Thread: History of Formula SAE/Student

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    I know WWU built there own brakes back in 95-96. Calipers, master cylinder, and inside out brake rotors, i.e. where the rotor was mounted to the inside of the wheel shell. Not sure if any of it was a first though, just different, like most of our older designs.

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    2004 - U of Guelph was the first 4wd FSAE car, I believe.
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    Rutgers did Carbon Wheels for the 1995 FSAE competition...not sure if anybody else did it earlier.

    And a Composite Monocoque for 1994. Looking at pictures, it's difficult to tell that the UTA car was a monocoque in 1984.
    Rutgers Formula Racing 04,05, 06

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    Didn't TU Vienna get awarded "best engineered car" with their rookie entry at FSUK 08?

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    Yes, we got the best [quality] engineered car award in '08.
    Please note that it is the best -->quality<-- engineered car award, although the engraving on our cup is different. Some of our fellow countryman are very eager to add that whenever they can.

    One thing to add:
    We scored 4th with our first entry in the following event in Hockenheim '08 still with our first car but didn't receive the best newcomer award because we were in silverstone weeks before. This was awarded to a team ranking 50 or something. Funny FSAE world.

    Michael Schwaiger
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    The first 4WD car I know was the 04 car of UAS Graz
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    I believe that the University of Guelph (Ontario) had a 4WD car at the 2004 FSAE Michigan competition.

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    The 2008 and 2009 car from UaS Kiel features titanium rims which I haven't seen anywhere else. They are not completely made from titanium though, the inner piece is machined from AL7075, only the beds are spun from titanium. The inner piece has been anodized to match the titanium's colour.
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    @Michael Schwaiger:

    Maybe they are so eager because there is a crucial difference. If you read the rules.....

    "The concept of the design event is to evaluate the engineering effort that went into
    the design of the car and how the engineering meets the intent of the market. The
    car that illustrates the best use of engineering to meet the design goals and the best understanding of the design by the team members will win the design event."

    So as far as I read the rules best engineering design and so best engineered car is rewarded in the design event, isn't it?
    Just my guess!

    Maybe you should create different sections / eras:
    Europe and Australia (and Asia?) started later than North America.

    Some things I know:
    Complete Anti dive and anti squat:
    Lions Racing 2007
    15" rims -&gt; DART Racing
    15" tires -&gt; DART Racing
    A car to win all dynamics at one comp:
    F0711-3 Renntem Stuttgart (Silverstone 2008)
    Engine beside the driver:
    Geelong 2005
    Most completed endurances in a row:
    TUG Racing -&gt; 12
    First year team to finish on podium:
    Stuttgart 2006
    Self developed diff:
    TU Munich
    First european team to win outside Europe:
    Stuttgart (Australia 2008), TUG Racing (Detroit 2009)

    No more input at the moment! :-)

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    UUC was the first I know of to do a sid mounted engine. 600 cc with a soldi axle rear end too boot and they did well with it. 1997 i believe but the website sucks now and doesnt show there history anymore.

    Akron was the first to compete in the mini baja and formula comp with the same car. Ran a briggs v twin for the formula which i believe is also a first and they were doing awesome in the formula comp until the fuel pump let go.

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