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Thread: 2013 Cost Report

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    Hello Everyone,

    On the cost report we are having trouble understanding the subtotal equation for materials. We are getting odd numbers and not understanding the reasoning behind it. Also we were wondering what should be stated for suffix. Have any of you run into this situation?

    Thank you

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    The suffix ist explained in the Appendix S-2 number 1.6
    Itīs only for team use to show that you have edited a part.

    Wich Tables do you use? I am still waiting for new Tables for 2013, but theres nothing on the FSAE Download page...

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    Now, the table already in fsae download page

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    Hi there,

    does anyone know if there will be an updated Appendix S-3 vor e-Cars?

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    Maybe you can ask directly to the commite via mail

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    Hi Fikri Aulia,

    I allready did, but no answer so far. I've asked the german rules committee since we are only starting in fse.

    I'll post there answer as soon as I get one.

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    Hello everybody,

    I've got a question about the new rule (FSAE S4.5)"Public Cost Report":
    It is published that technical drawings won't be released. But how do we have to integrate the drawings/pictures in the e-version, so that non-releasing is secured?
    > table-picture-table-picture
    > all tables - all drawings (separated and linked)

    Thanks a lot

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    I do not believe you are required to include technical drawings in the cost report. If you do choose to include them and really do not want your drawings released, I would suggest including them as an appendix so they are easy to remove.

    A couple other things: 1) I am not affiliated with the rules commitee, so the above statements are speculative at best. 2) I do not think anyone will want to rip off your designs, and feel like this attitude detracts from the competition as a whole.
    Owen Thomas
    University of Calgary FSAE, Schulich Racing

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    i think you can add the drawing at "file link" above the table, so the drawing included in excel

    Fikri, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

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    another question about the cost report:
    in the FSAE Rules it says that all machined parts need a "Machining Setup, Install & Remove" operation. Does this only concern the Process "Machining" or also other processes where machines are used? For example Laser cutting

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