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Thread: Formula SAE at VIR 2008 Competition: - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More.

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    Time to open the thread for all things Formula SAE at VIR 2008.

    Good luck to everyone.
    James Waltman
    VRI at WWU Alumn
    FSAE 01 to 05

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    Day 1 of Dynamics, any updates???
    Tim Gornik
    Jayhawk Motorsports

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    Isn't first dynamic day tomorrow? Judging today?
    KTH Racing '03-'08
    Dartmouth Formula Racing '07

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    Today is more tech and all of the static events.

    Overall, it's been impressive. A little disorganized yesterday for registration, but they pulled it together and everything went well. The track is pretty nice, but we'll see how nice it is once we get cars out there.

    Some really nice cars here.
    Crimson Racing
    The University of Alabama

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    Got to walk the autocross/endurance track today. The course is going to be unlike any others. It has all the gates and slaloms as expected from using an existing course, but has some serious elevation changes and a lot of off camber sections.

    It is fun being around the pro event as we can watch all the practice sessions and check out the machinery, but its a bit of a tease for the dynamic events.
    University of Cincinnati
    Alum -> 2003-2008

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    Who won tilt test?

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    Any indication on how many brought last year's car and how many are in new equipment?

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    I heard SAE banned cameras on the site... is that why we don't get any photos here?

    KTH Racing '03-'08
    Dartmouth Formula Racing '07

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    The first day of dynamic events went off well. Skidpad was really the only normal event by the rules. Best times in the low fives. It is a nice long hike to get there as well. Accel event was replaced by the mini accel uphill event due to space constraints. Best time was a 2.9?? I believe. Auto-x on the other hand was long. Best corrected times were in the low 90 second range. The elevation changes and off camber sections definitely made things more interesting as well.

    I can't quote the finishing places, but the competition has been real good. Most cars are new. Many teams are struggling with the earlier date of the competition due to lack of preparation time.

    Design finals took place Friday night with:
    VA Tech
    Missouri S&T (UMR)

    VIR definitely has a great atmosphere with the co-location of the event. With the track right by the paddocks, the exhaust notes of passing cars is great. Luckily the weather has been great so far as well.

    The SAE staff have really been working hard to put on a smooth event. The VIR personnel have been great as well in their support. With the proximity of the event to several racing teams and automotive centers in the south we had an excellent mix of volunteers. For such a long course the SCCA and track volunteers did a great job as well. Big thanks to all those involved for the competition so far. Judging from the enthusiasm of those involved, and uniqueness of the venue FSAE VIR should become more popular I hope.
    Bearcat Motorsports

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    Design Finals:
    1st Wisconsin Madison
    2nd VA Tech
    3rd Missouri S&T
    4th Cincinnati

    1st Wisconsin Madison
    2nd Missouri S&T

    Overall (not official)
    Wisconsin Madison ~940 Points
    Missouri S&T ~870 Points
    Cincinnati ~765 Points

    I don't think anyone could have tallied more than Wisconsin or us, pretty sure no one else was near enough to Cincinnati to have overtaken them through endurance points.

    Congrats to Madison on the highest points total at a US event, at least since '96.
    Neil Schreiber
    Missouri S&T Racing
    '05 - '08

    *formerly University of Missouri-Rolla

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