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Thread: BBS Mag wheels

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    Set of used BBS wheels with gold magnesium centers. Only used one year. 2 are 7" wide, 2 are 8" wide. The 8" wheels still have hoosier rain tires on them. The wheels are still all in pretty good shape.

    Pics are available on request. 800$. PM me if interested.

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    10's or 13's?
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    Judging from the 2006/2005 pics on their website (and the design on their 2005 car) I would guess that these are the 13" gold BBS wheels on that car.

    If only they were all 7" wide...
    WPI Formula SAE team

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    how much is the weight for one rim with the mg centers? For the al bbs wheels it is about 3.6kg per rim.
    how is the bolt circle of your rims?

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    Originally posted by FryGuy:
    still for sale
    Are they 4x100mm bolt pattern?

    Is the price negotiable?
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    What is the bolt pattern of these wheel and also the offset? Thanks Rich

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    Yes, the bolt pattern is 4 x 100.

    The 8" rim has a 3-7/8" back spacing.

    The 7" rim has a 4" back spacing.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

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    We picked these up over the weekend, so they are no longer available. Much thanks to the NIU team!


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