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Thread: Formula Student 2007 Competition: - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More

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    Hi Fyhr,
    Thank you for nice pics.

    I envy this very motor-sports minded competition compared to FSAE Japan;famous circuit, Ferrari, etc..

    FYI car No.24 is Sophia University from Japan.
    They won FSAE Japan 2006.

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    Sick, just sick....

    Thats a sweet looking track setup, no gravel pit area, and an F1 car you can play with, dang!
    Mike Duwe
    UWP Alumni

    Former Drivetrain Leader and Team Captain

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    the track was unbelievable. as others have said the grip was unlike anything we've ever run on, (including several proving grounds). The best part for me was the garages, where unlike at East where we were on gravel you can actually setup the car.
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    Yea, the facility was AMAZING. For me the coolest part, was knowing that I was working on and setting up our race car in the EXACT same paddock bays that professional race teams (including F1 teams) have and still do.
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    Congrat to RMIT and all the other team. The finish was close. There was a lot of competitive car. Hope everyone has enjoyed the facility. My best part of the competition is to be able to see the track from the stand. I would like to thanks TU fast for there help over the week end with the CO2 bottle and other little thing and also TU Delft for there welding machine.

    Bruno Côté
    ETS Member

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    I have found some pictures from Helsinki guys' web site.
    Thank you Helsinki guys!
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    Im sure plenty other people will too, but we'd like to say a BIG thank you to the guys at Delft. Without their machining facilities we'd have been totally screwed, plus those guys are good chat over a beer!
    Anyway, thanks again guys, see you next year.
    University of Strathclyde Motorsport

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    hey, what happened?? people used to post tons of pics..this time only a handful are there!!

    Couldn't make it to the comp this year and desparately want to see more pics

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    Here are a few pictures out of our cameras:

    Michael Kissling
    Rennteam Uni Stuttgart
    Stuttgart, Germany

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