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Thread: Best FSAE movies

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    Dr. Claw,

    Wow, you actually caught our nightmare before the autocross. I was really hoping to forget that one!! We hope to have a little better luck this year, but never know how Detroit weather is gonna turn out. On second thought, maybe we do.

    I would really like to see that video, especially if it shows us franticly trying to fix the car beforehand. Did Maryland roll over, or just roll up the hay bale barriers?

    Good luck to everyone finishing up for competition!
    - Erick

    FSAE ('99 '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 pit stop '07)
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    FSAE Japan '04

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    No. We actually Flipped all the way over. Broke a rod end. Otherwise the car was okay.
    After the competition we threw the car in a trailer and have never really looked back. We have good things in store for this years competition though.
    Mike Cook
    It's an engineering competition, not an over-engineering competition!

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    when sombody says "just made it"...it doesnt begin to describe UTA's autocross. the second to last car takes off just as you guys stop pushing your car into line and i thought i'd capture the crazyness.

    did anybody catch Lawrence tech's oil burning engine troubles? we fitted a big verticle exhaust pipe with a tractor flapper to our exhaust and ran it on our jacks for a little but. its pretty hillarious in an expensive, incorrectly-built-engine kind of way...i sent it to dartmouth too so they might be posted soon...

    and the maryland video is on my desktop computer and is like 94 mb..its very uncompressed. does maryland mind if we show the video btw? last time it was posted they asked to take it down.

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    Dr. Claw, sorry I haven't gotten around to it, but I was busy working on the cost report for the past few days. I'll get the stuff up this week.

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    Does anyone know where the video of the team rolling over in practice last year is?

    Scott Israel
    Carnegie Mellon University

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    Here's our video from the 2006 Formula Student UK season:


    Look out for the engine blow during the sprint!

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    2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 - Formula FEI Racing Team
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    The current best ever FSAE video comes from my alma mater – Western Washington University.
    (It's been posted somewhere on the forum before.)

    It’s a film from last year by WWU student Chris Koser.

    My previous vote for best was the ’06 Hawks Racing Promo

    One of the other video threads is here. http://fsae.com/eve/forums/a/t...10075531#16110075531
    James Waltman
    VRI at WWU Alumn
    FSAE ˜01 to ˜05

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    I've got to say, I have to second James.
    Brian Lewis
    Performance Electronics, Ltd.
    Engine Management Systems

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    I've gotta vote for these guys. WOW.

    Formula SAE: When you just can't get rid of a girlfriend.

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