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Thread: Best FSAE movies

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    I didn't see it posted here already,

    This is a helmet cam from 2010 testing of Missouri S&T's car at Goodyear's test track. I may be biased, but this is my favorite onboard I think...


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    More recent UTS vids (from late 2011)
    http://youtu.be/LTMflk8bs4o - pre event testing
    http://youtu.be/qjjKykBBCkA - Best Autocross run

    Heaps more on the youtube channel. I'm going to miss driving those cars...
    Jon O'Neill

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    The ECU guys put together a video showing footage of a recent hillclimb event:



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    Disassembling High-Octane Motorsports' new Aprilia SXV 550


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    San Jose State's new unveiling videos. The first is a video made by a team member, with mostly footage from last year. The second is the recap video of our official unveiling last Friday showing the new car.



    Hope you enjoy.
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    Here is the video of TU Graz Racing Team from the 2012 season. Without doubt a team to take into account for 2013 contenders!

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