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Thread: Moke TV / FSAE-A '04 DVD box set

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    any chance that we could be sent something? either hard copy (rather expensive) or via tinternet (sorry at bad peter kaye joke!)

    if internet, please send to

    ubracing @gmail.com

    (withouth the spaces!)

    Rob.C - UBRacing2006

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    Does anyone in the US of fricken A have a copy that they can send to me? Or maybe someone who can share it online? Either would be good.
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    I would rather nobody share it online, (being kinda incriminating and such).

    email me and I'll wing one your way:

    moketv at woosh dot co dot nz

    in the mean time check out:

    Mr and Miss FSAE 2005

    And Mr and Miss FSAE 2006

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    I must say very entertaining!

    Keep up the good work!

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    I'll take one, I'll send through an email to ya.

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