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Thread: Formula Student 2005 Competition: Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More

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    I figured that I could start a new thread for all things Formula Student 2005. The one I started for FSAE 2005 worked well. Sorry if you were already trying to start this Marko. I can help host pictures if anyone needs it.

    So, please share if you have any information.

    Good luck to everyone.
    James Waltman
    VRI at WWU Alumn
    FSAE 01 to 05

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    The Delft team will try to keep an update on their site at http://www.dutracing.nl

    Well, I'm off to the UK to watch the competition.


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    anything new from Formula Student?
    Who did win cost, presentation,...?

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    I can't figure out what these lexan guards over the shocks are for:

    Can you enlighten me? Also, how do you like the Fox propedal shocks? Seems like they do all sorts of fancy things that aren't so good for racecars...
    Alumni, University of Washington
    Structural / Mechanical Engineer, Blue Origin

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    all the propedal (and similar shocks from marzocchi, manitou, rock shox) do is add low-speed damping adjustment as a means of elminating "pedal bob" (up and down movement due to the weight transfer associated with pedaling). at least, this is my understanding, but i know this from the bike part of it.
    Mike Miles
    Carnegie Mellon SAE/Carnegie Mellon Racing -- Formula SAE 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

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    An answer to Denny's question from the Delft newsletter:
    The gaurds were an addition after trying to get through tech inspection.
    "The judges were afraid the dampers might hit the driver if they were overheated."

    From the Braunschweig website

    From the Delft Website:
    Teams in the Design Finals
    Oxford Brookes

    Any other news?.... Anyone?
    James Waltman
    VRI at WWU Alumn
    FSAE 01 to 05

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    Bruno Côté
    Member since 05
    The extra material is only for aero

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    Delft and Munich (Munchen) didn't finished the endurance.

    TU Graz is on the best way to win the formula student on their second attempt! Go Graz Go!!
    2002/03 University of MARIBOR - Team Member

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    Toronto win overall with the other Canadians and Oxford Brookes (the only other real contenders towards the end) dropping out of the endurance - a well deserved win!

    At one point it looked like Brookes were going to take the title with being a full 26 seconds (I'm told) ahead of Toronto on the endurance just before driver change. The two cars were probably very evenly matched, but Brookes were out later on (when the track was hotter/covered in a lot more rubber).

    <Comments on Brookes removed having spoken to Craig directly - he assures me that they were only meant in jest>

    QUB and Waterloo were the quickest teams around the endurance track, posting 50.something times and having VERY neat laps. Unfortunately the Irish had a firewall short out on their battery isolator switch and Waterloo had a failure to restart when hot.

    Brookes were on 52.somethings

    Toronto, Helsinki, Hertfordshire etc were in the 53/54s. Looked like they were having fun (helsinki's 2nd driver especially!) with the tail out all over the shop but it wasn't as quick as others.

    The enduro was TIGHT, but grip levels appeared high towards the end of the day with 27C ambient air temps and masses of rubber being laid down on the track - TUFast reported record lateral G readings.

    For what its worth - lots of acceleration runs under 4.25 seconds, several under 4.1 seconds and a stonking *3.97* second run by Bath won them the event. (supercharged 600)

    Car 31 - TUFast (which did well on skidpad) was going very nicely on the enduro track until it lost a wheel/unglued a bonded wishbone. Lots of overheated cars on the endurance. Lots of electrical problems.

    No singles appeared competitive in ANY of the dynamic events - not way off the pace, but not enough to be top 5 it seems. To a newibe the courses looked so tight that steady-state didn't really exist - more blats between hairpins.

    Marshals were out all day and must have been dropping towards the end - but still no excuse for missing lots of what should have been blue-flags and in some instances stepping out in front of cars/forcing them into spins trying to avoid them. (the guy on the entry to the pit area was especially guilty of this and owes his ankles to Dartmouth's driver)


    Photos, Sounds, Videos from the event:

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    Update: I've posted the whole set at the link in the post above above now, so will be removing the photos on the link above in a few months.

    As I was leaving it appeared some teams were being allowed a RE-RUN in endurance. There were an awful lot of UK teams in there and I hope its not just an effort to get more UK teams in the 'finished endurance' category. Certainly didn't seem right.

    Loughborough appeared to stop, wait, then drive a fully functioning car back into the pits and demand a restart after the Germans lots a wheel in front of them. They did stop and they did drive a fully functioning car back into the pits/appeal to the judges but its an unrelated event that happened to co-incide as Deano describes later.

    A lot of drivers completely ignored the driver's briefing (sprint event was a "rolling-start" this year, AKA a standing start but from the pitlane) and so a couple of perfectly good cars were way down the field when the driver waltzed out the pitlane and in some cases STOPPED on the startline before taking the hint from the marshal that the timing had already started/it was a rolling start. All the Canadians got the idea and came tanking down the pitlane, flicked it round the hairpin at the end and were already doing 40mph over the starline where others were doing 5... "Sneaky" on the part of the organisers or a very effective way of making sure people pay more attention in driver briefing...?

    Lots of teams didn't get into the sprint event on time and som were awarded DNFs. This appeared to work nicely, as all the ropey cars out there that would otherwise be holding up the proceedings/spewing fluids and parts all over the circuit did not get to compete/hold up everybody else. A lesson learned the hard way though!

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