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Thread: Formula Student 2005 Competition: Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More

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    What kind of supercharger was that team using with the cbr?

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    A valid question indeed and not one with a clear answer. The Delft team has chosen a design philisophy since the 2003 car which is based on minimum weight. This results directly in an enormous amount of components you have to manufacture yourself instead of buying off the shelf. Especially the carbon rims have caused quite a delay in the program due to sealing issues this year. The team is rather big though, over 50 I think, so in theory there should be enough manpower to manufacture the car. Unfortunately it seems a team gets exponentially harder to manage as it grows that big, and thus the chance of keeping deadlines grows dimmer and dimmer.
    So is it worth it? The cars at competition keep breaking down, so it looks like a general bad idea. On the other hand there is a lot of promise. In 2004 the car was ready on time as the team aimed for the Aachen shootout a month before the competition. Subsequently that car was properly tested and was living up to its promise at the competition. With only the endurance left to run the team was actually in first place. A faulty contact eventually ended the endurance prematurely, but in fairness I don't think they would have been faster than RMIT. A top three finish would have been possible though and it has proven the "light car concept" to at least ourselves.

    In the end it comes down to how you think you can gain an edge over the other teams and win this competition. Building a "standard" car makes it very hard to win the competition as there are a lot of teams that have their act pretty well together.

    So I think Delft will try again next year with the same concept and hopefully a stricter planning. At least I will encourage them to keep trying the hard road.

    Hmm, this post has gotten a little long winded, sorry about that

    Delft alum

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    does anybody here have ETS pictures? did they bring the same car from FSAE 04? Love to see how their telemetry works.

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    ETS's 04 car was at 04 F-Student, and it won Design as well if I recalled correctly, as well as various other awards from National Instrument, Honda, and I believe the Composite award from McLaren.....
    Finished @ UofT Racing

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    2. If asked the value of a vehicle parameter in a design event "didn't you read our spec sheet?" is the wrong answer.

    Originally posted by ben:
    Marko: Brookes have done a lot of comps and done well relative to other British teams, you've done nothing nor has your University so try and be a little fairer.
    I've indeed done nothing, but you don't have to have done everything under the sun to make an observation. If the barrier was there to prevent the pits being a thoroughfare I can accept that.

    Thing is the barrier was there even when the guys weren't working on the car. It was there even when they were in briefings/weren't in the pits. Even if not intentional the message it sent was "you're not welcome in here".

    Didn't stop me having a goodly look around the car (a well made affair by all accounts) whilst the team were in briefings etc but did put me off speaking to you guys when you were there.

    Look at it from an outsider's point of view and perhaps you can see why you gave the impression you did?

    If this is not a "fair" observation then we'll have to agree to disagree on what's fair or not.

    Also if Howard Ash et al don't collectively win a faculty advisor award in the next couple of years I'll be surprised.
    Chatted to two of the faculty in the class 2/3 tents - not sure which two (guy in the chair and another) but they both seemed top blokes.

    Having said that, Brookes' driver does race a lot and is leading a UK club championship if I heard correctly. As a result he talks like a racing driver rather than an FSAE student and this can come across poorly to some.
    Comments removed after speaking to Craig - but those in the first post still stand.

    Deano - understood. From pit side grandstand it looked like you guys just stopped then drove a perfectly functional car (the fact it was running perfectly when it entered the pits didn't help!) back to the pits once the germans were off the track; I couldn't stay to the very end and chat/comiserate with you guys hence the 'it appears' - didn't mean to mislead or cause offence and have changed post to suit! Agree about the "UK" awards. Its not only discouraging overseas entries, but its also insulting to the UK teams that the organisers deem it neccessary to award 'special prizes' to a country 'who wouldn't get any otherwise' as it were. Lose them, or temporarily suspend them until such a time as you can offer an award for the best team from each and every country?

    Rob - supercharger was a geared turbo compressor side jobbie.

    Mad Ruska - agreed, that car had potential and sounded gorgeous with the "twin 2:1" exhausts (1&2, 3&4)

    Tyres - was very noticeable how little wear there was on the LeConts on Delft's car and the Avons/Goodyears on others for that matter. Hoosiers on the cars that finished endurance were looking "most definitely broken in" by comparason.

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    I was a totaly new car that was brought to Formula Student. The formula 04 rest in our university hall. And yes we won the most desirable engineering product from honda, also best use of composite and pi research award and the design.

    from left to right f2005 and f2004
    Bruno Côté
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    The extra material is only for aero

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    Marko, you seem that you have missed one of the main points of formula student, to have fun. If you thought craig was rubbing salt into belfasts wounds then you were wrong. If you wondered around the pits you would have seen alot of jesting occuring and much banter between the teams, and it was all harmless fun. As for the 'sure of themselves' attitude, show me a racing driver who isn't confident in their abilities.
    I would also like to say congratulations to hertfordshire university on their top uk ranking (only 2 places above brookes i may add!!) and also thank them for causing much ammusement throughout the paddock with thier MI5 agent impressions over the weekend.

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    Here is a pic from our unveiling ceremony.
    Bruno Côté
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    The extra material is only for aero

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    Thanks for the MI5 comments throughout the weekend, we did have fun there. We were really happy with our performance thought the weekend, the months hard testing and at least 14 hour days for a month really helped improve the car. We achieved better times on the day than in testing for acceleration (4.12 4th) and Skidpad (5.083 5th) but had a poor sprint. The drivers were happy with the car and the setup was unchanged for the endurance and proved right on the test track later that day, one of those motersport things. We were also 5th in the endurance which was really impressive and only 62 seconds behind the winners after deductions. Most of you would have missed our endurance because we were second on track in the morning because of our sprint time, this cause a lot of traffic and overtaking losing us important time, the marshalling wasn't great then either. Their was also a lot less rubber on track and the temperature was a lot cooler at 21 rather than the 32 when Toronto went out but we still managed to have the second fastest lap in the morning, during testing we had loads of heat in the tires and huge chunks of used rubber was being flung off the car which was not happening in the enduro. Overall it may have been a god send running with cooler temps for the car cos we may have not finished later in the day.

    I have to agree with the comments about our rivals Brooks, they seemed very unprofessional all weekend and I heard of bad comments from people in the trade who were unimpressed when they talked to them. So I must return some comments now it is all over to their team regarding some of their comments, First that 5 Brake extra engine map you did on Friday really didn't help you in the acceleration because we beat you and you came no where near your claimed testing 3.8 second run. From the comments of us copying your car this year, I saw your faculty adviser in our workshop at least twice in the year because of his commitments with the marking board, from talking at length with him on many occasions thought the weekend I think he would have nothing to do with something like that but this is motersport you can't trust anyone. Also we did clean our car a lot because we are so proud of it and for you reporting you spend the time preparing and working on your car instead, well we had no problem with bolts or parts coming loose because of lack of preparation and all of this from a solid team of 9.

    With that said I would like to send my commiseration to the Birmingham team, they were the nicest people I met all weekend, they pulled us around to the back of their car, talked at length on the intricate parts of their car and were unluckily to break a new chain in the enduro. Their car was solid on track and preformed very well, for me I don't know how we beat you into the design finals.

    I'd also like to send congratulations to Sussex team for getting a car to the competition, it was their first year of the event and with a limited budget and 5 people they did a great job. As they admitted it was a slightly over engineered but with a finish that made some established teams look like amateurs. They were unlucky to retire from the enduro with a bought in fuel component failing. Well done lads.

    About the Best British prize that we won, I also agree it is a bit strange for an international competition but it has been in place since the beginning of the competition and it has taken 8 years before any complains. I also think the SAE / Imeche are trying to dumb down the competition by splitting the event into smaller events around the world, with a event in Italy and Germany coming up and now two events in America the standard of the competition will lower with teams only racing teams from the same country and a few traveling teams. It may work thought because I would put money on a world finals event being held in coming years. The reason must be to lower the team count in each event creating easier to organize events. In my opinion we have a very competitive event in England now and teams from Europe would do well in America and Australia because the standards of cars over here are improving faster than the Americans at least.

    So my thanks to all the teams for making a great competition and special thanks to the Delft team for organising the design final photo shoot even thought our lecture took charge and moved everyone around, something our team will never forget being classed with so many great cars and teams.

    James Waters
    Chassis Designer, Suspension, Packaging and Race Engineer
    University of Hertforshire Car 20

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    Congrats to University of Toronto for another excellent showing at Formula Student from all of the guys at Performance Electronics.
    Brian Lewis
    Performance Electronics, Ltd.
    Engine Management Systems

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