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Thread: Very Unofficial Overall Results 2007 FSAE

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    Anyone know who lost the tire/wheel and why?

    I was there to see the wheel rolling off the endurance course and eventually off into the weeds but I didn't see the car that lost it.

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    congrats to all the teams.

    team #41 from the cooper union.

    we just missed the endurance mark and finished 23 seconds outside the target percentage of the fastest time. (we were the last team to finish) sucks, cuz we did really good on fuel economy too. this would have put us well into the 70's and made us the best rookie team this year, but alas, it was not meant to be. it was too bad in the last run group, there were so many caution flags as i know i could have easily made up one second each lap (first 10 laps) and the second driver could have also. (numerous cars broken on track, oil spills, etc.)

    do they post or have times for each lap, or do they only make available total times? i would be interested to know the range of lap times we posted due to track conditions.

    the competition was a great time, and i hope to see everyone next year.

    shiann shin yamin
    team co-leader. 2007.
    the cooper union.

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