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Thread: So...why did YOU join FSAE?

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    Since the first time I saw MSOE's car back senior year of highschool, I just had to do it. I swore to myself I would never get a motorcycle because it would end up killing me, so this is the closest thing, plus the benefits are endless for careers and personal knowledge.
    Mike Duwe
    UWP Alumni

    Former Drivetrain Leader and Team Captain

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    Originally posted by Homemade WRX:
    one: the women
    two: to lower my GPA
    three: to have less time
    four: good way to get rid of a girlfriend
    five: to join a drinking team with a racing problem
    I think this pretty well sums it up! I have learned so much and still probably don't know the half of it. FSAE has turned me into a racer for life.
    It truly is a lifestyle. I had no interest in bikes until my freshman year when I fired up our F4i. Now I am hooked on cars, bikes, Formula One, MotoGP, and Grand Prix. In the rare occurance that I do watch TV it doesn't leave the Speed Channel, except for the occasional college basketball game (previous love).
    I love FSAE and wouldn't have it any other way!
    Ian McGiffen
    University of Evansville
    Engine Nerd

    "I wanna go fast!"

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    I was looking into building my own car and found out about it. Now that there are so many egos involved with people wanting to drive the car, thinking their the best (none of these people actually work on the car), I will quit sometime soon. My amigo is getting a grade on building most of the car, so I'm just gonna stay on until he gets his grade.

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    Initially I joined to learn about race cars. Looking back I think I learned less about race cars and more about myself, group dynamics, and the joy of working with people who are as motivated to succeed as I am.
    Kettering University FSAE (99 - 03)

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    three reasons:

    1) before i drove the car in my first year the team manager told me that there's no better feeling than being right at the limit in a car that you designed and built yourself. he was definately right.
    2) (some people will get this, some won't) i love the pressure at competition of having to be a good driver AS WELL AS a good engineer/designer/accountant/salesperson/manager/everything.
    3) i don't even know what i'd do with all the spare time without ridiculous formula hours.
    John Valerio
    Queen's FSAE

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    i joined 'cause i got bored with baja sae

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    I'm a sucker for the kind of pain that comes about from doing consecutive all-nighters.

    My personal record is around 40 hours in the workshop without sleep.

    Our workshop record is 51 hours.

    Mechs just don't understand what it takes to make a proper electrical system, and the deadlines the electrical team gets are ridiculous.

    I also like beer, and to a lesser extent, cars.
    QUT Motorsport 06-08

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    Feb 2003
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    ...because I had Porsche 911 posters on my wall when I was 4, idolized Ayrton Senna only to realize that at the age of 12 I was taller than most drivers out there. I figured I may as well build them instead. Did a career exploration program in HS, where I caught wind of the FSAE program.

    FSAE has been life-altering... in my case, I'll be going to school 7 years longer than anticipated, with the same BEng result (long story)
    McGill Racing Team 2003 - 2004
    Dawson College Baja 2009
    Concordia Formula Racing 2010 - current

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    Aaahhh, only 51 hours? I have that beat, at 65hrs, but I think there were a couple of guys when I was there that pushed 80hrs going into comp. They slept about 24hrs straight the first day of competition.

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    hey guys ,i am join in now,
    it is wonderful ,atractive and profitable
    you can learn a great deal of things that you can not learn from the book .

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