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Thread: size of radiator

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    This might be a deft question, but is the issue here in making the radiator too small? Or too large? Why shoot for an "optimum" size, just for weight savings?
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    I think one of the major issues with the radiator is the weight, and also the weight balance/positioning. If you think about it your radiator has the empty weight of the heat exchanger its self and also all the water it contains. To make matters worse it has to be in the airflow (well pretty much in the airflow) to work properly. This makes it stick a fair way out from your center of gravity and contribute greatly to your moment of inertia for turning. You could put it up high above the engine and then you increase your CoG.

    And on the other end of the scale if you make your radiator to small say good by to your engine, though ours managed to live after hitting almost 160 degrees celsius.

    On a different note has anyone tried anything interesting with rad positioning? like under the driver or anything, it would provide really interesting packaging considerations to get the airflow right. I could be wrong here, but i believe one of the 1970's honda F1 cars had the engine at the rear and the radiator at the front, and all of the tubing connecting the two acted as a heat exchanger down the side of the car. Pretty nifty.
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