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Thread: Number of drivers for FSUK

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    My name is Johan Sahlström and come from Lund University and I'm having some difficulties in counting how many drivers that are needed for the FSUK competition.

    Article D4.1 that says an individual team member may not drive in more than three (3) events and
    Article D4.2.1 says that a minimum of five (5) drivers are needed if endurance and efficiency is run with two (2) heats as it's at FSUK.

    This is where my mind gets confused, but I'm guessing that it's just the definition of article D4.1 that's causing this. As I'm reading the rules a team member can drive in 3 events, which would make a drivers schedule look something like this:

    Acceleration: A and B
    Skid pad: A and B
    Sprint: C and D
    Endurance: C and D
    Efficiency: C and D

    But this would only need 4 drivers and I'm guessing that the correct way of reading the rules is that a driver might only drive in two events, making the schedule looking like this:

    Acceleration: A and B
    Skid pad: A and C
    Sprint: C and B
    Endurance: D and E
    Efficiency: D and E

    which makes use of the assigned 5 drivers.

    Some light on this question would be much appreciated.

    / Johan
    Johan Sahlström

    Lund University 2010-2015

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    FS UK has no two Endurance heats. Thus you need at least 4 drivers.


    Formula Student Germany
    FSE Rules & Organisation

    Not many people know the difference between resolution and accuracy.

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    Thanks for the clarification Tobias.

    / Johan
    Johan Sahlström

    Lund University 2010-2015

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