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Thread: Formula Student Germany 2013

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    Just took a look at the rules regarding tires, and the exact wording is as follows:

    Vehicles may have two types of tires as follows:
    Dry Tires – The tires on the vehicle when it is presented for technical inspection are defined as its
    “Dry Tires”. The dry tires may be any size or type. They may be slicks or treaded.
    Rain Tires – Rain tires may be any size or type of treaded or grooved tire provided:
    1. The tread pattern or grooves were molded in by the tire manufacturer, or were cut by
    the tire manufacturer or his appointed agent. Any grooves that have been cut must have
    documentary proof that it was done in accordance with these rules.
    2. There is a minimum tread depth of 2.4 mms (3/32 inch).
    Note: Hand cutting, grooving or modification of the tires by the teams is specifically prohibited.


    Within each tire set, the tire compound or size, or wheel type or size may not be changed after static
    judging has begun. Tire warmers are not allowed. No traction enhancers may be applied to the tires
    after the static judging has begun


    Is it allowed to have two sets of "dry" or "wet" tires of different compound/make/size? Note that the rule says that the "team must have two types of tires" and that "within each tire set, the tire compound or size, or wheel type or size may not be changed". This could be interpreted as you are allowed to have two sets of dry or wet tires, possibly of different sizes/compounds as long as you don't chance any of these within each set. I know this is probably not the case, but there is no specific wording against it...

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    No. Only 1 set of "dries" (mandatory, but can be treaded) and 1 set of "wets". So don't try anything else.

    Question: Are you studying to be a lawyer too?

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    Mr. Royce,

    No, nothing to do with lawyers, I just thought it would be nice to have a super-sticky tire for acceleration/skidpad/autox and a slightly harder compound to last the whole endurance. I was quite sure about the answer being "no" though, but nevertheless I thought about giving it a try!

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    Tobias et al,

    Any news on the design talkback from this year? It hasn't been uploaded yet it seems.
    Formula SAE: When you just can't get rid of a girlfriend.

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    I checked with the Design Event Captains and it has already been uploaded some time ago. Please re-check your MyTeam-Area on the FSG website.


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    FSE Rules & Organisation

    Not many people know the difference between resolution and accuracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luniz View Post
    Can anyone fill me in about the sportsmanship award, what did the Bialystok do to get it? I somehow wasn't paying attention at the award ceremony. Beer might have got to do with that

    Sorry for the late reply, but as a Team Leader I think that I'm able to answer.

    In my opinion, many teams voted for us to get Sportsmanship Award because we had our own welder

    We had helped some Chinese guys with getting their frame rule-compliant (welding), welded some pullrods for Chalmers, done some pre-scrutineering for Indian team and gave some materials (steel and aluminum sheet and tubes) to God-Knows-Who (everyone who asked). I may have forgot about something. Unfortunately this year we are not competing at FSG, but you can meet us at FSCzech, FS UK, FS Italy and FS Hungary.


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    Which is better to follow negative or positive ackerman and why??

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    I'm positive that positive Ackerman is better to follow because it adds about 14% grip. Then again, I'm not negative about negative Ackerman either! But 2 negatives make a positive, so who knows?

    UoW FSAE '07-'09

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