first of all, a big thank you to the organisers for putting up a great event.

also a big thanks to all the teams for making it a very competitive and also a very friendly event.

Well, i am from Orion Racing India (the mumbai team as many refer it to).

We had a much better event than last year but the results weren't upto what we were expecting.

We participated in endurance, but couldnt do so in the other dynamic events, thanks to a failed clutch and some other problems.

we were using the sport clutch on a 600F4i and solving the problem took more time than expected.

We hope to come back much stronger next year.

best of luck to all teams for the upcoming events.

Also, thanks to all teams for helping us out when we needed it.

And TU delft, nice party, really enjoyed it, and the office truck that u had, that was cool.

Thanks KA Raceing.

Munjal Savla,
Team marketing and driver,
Orion Racing India.