The third round of testing at Calspan will be conducted on 21-22 June 2007. Four constructions are scheduled to be tested:

+ Michelin 21x8-13 (radial)
+ Hoosier 20.5x7-13 R25A
+ Hoosier 20x7.5-13 R25A
+ Goodyear D2692 20x7-13

The test plan is similar to that used in the first two rounds of testing, with a few additions. These tires will be tested on rim widths of 6, 7 and 8 inches to measure the effects of rim width on the tire characteristics. The drive/brake tests will be conducted at a few non-zero slip angles to measure friction ellipse effects. The test plan also includes a tire wear study.

Students are welcome to attend the tests at the Calspan Tire Research Facility in Buffalo, NY. Please contact me at to make arrangements.

All consortium members will receive the data on DVD a few weeks after the test is completed.

This text, and a full description of the Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium, can be found at