Hi there!

Just some thoughts:

Make a fb page, which you can easily post photos/updates to. I can then share it on the Formula SAE-A page (http://www.facebook.com/FSAEAustralasia), which seems to reach a decent number of FSAEers in Australia. A lot of teams are on fb, so you should be too...

Most FSAE teams are really friendly, and happy to help/share knowledge. I have found the Monash guys to be extremely friendly and helpful. I can't speak for any other team, but the Melbourne guys would be happy to show you around our facilities and current (2012) car, if you;re in town. Just give us/me a call or email, and we'll make sure someone is there at uni. Most FSAEers are keen to chat with guys from other unis, because they are the only other people who are going through the same problems.

I'll assume you're new to FSAE, so just in case you hadn't noticed - most teams will happily discuss the workings of their car, how they made something, etc. We (MUR Motorsports/Melbourne Uni) are new people every year, and they always seem reluctant to ask other teams for advice - DON'T BE. Don't be shy - reach out to others.

For my part, I am quite happy to share data logs, so if you're interested, email me.