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Thread: Formula Student Spain 2011 Competition: - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More

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    No topic till today, so I thought i could start one just for pictures and team experiences. What I just noticed and draw my attention was the incident with the ETH team. What exactly happened there?

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    As you can read on AMZ's twitter / FB account:

    Around 10 am on Saturday Morning, a Staff Member of FS Spain lost control over his electric Scooter in our pits. Luckily he missed the Team from Lisbon because their car wasn't in the box.

    He hit some stuff like a tent or a bench and then fell on the front of the car.

    novena had all in all about 10 broken carbon tubes and it seemed pretty final..

    Luckily the guys from SEAT Motorsport did everything to help us and took some members of our team to their factory to get substitute aluminum tubes.

    Some of our guys worked until 2 am to glue the tubes with our inserts and to rebuild suspension.

    The monocoque was damaged too, but no repair needed.

    On sunday morning, novena was checked by the scrutineers and did the brake test again. Afterwards we drove four Acceleration runs, Endurance (22km), four Auto-X runs, four Skid Pad runs and at sunset another half-length Endurance (11km)...

    That's about it


    In the picture novena with the new alu-legs and some monocoque "plaster-repair"
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    HOLY SH*T! And I thought WE were unlucky... Driving all dynamic events in one day should be a world first though!

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    Just learned about it from our team O_O
    Kudos to Zürich! Grats for winning FSS Electric!

    I honestly never thought our electric team could win Endurance though - the car drove first a few hours before the team left for Spain.
    Shame on our combustion team... After 2nd in Acc and AutoX the car didn't manage to come around a tight corner there and was therefore disqualified. Our electric team was quite happy to drive Endurance on the AutoX track - With the same steering system and a longer wheelbase it would never have managed this corner on the original Endurance track.
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    They divided the scores by two because of a half-length endurance? Weird...
    There are still no results online on the FS Spain page. I am interested in seeing those.
    One of the teams taking part said that the results were altered during Sunday evening several times.

    Scores under pressure

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    I know only one renewed version because of the new Endurance scoring but there were just some other "problems" with the scoring.

    For example:

    Zurich drove 3,78 in Accel and got the 75 points. landshut drove 5,70 and got something like 50 Points...
    AMZ Racing
    ETH Zürich

    2010-2011: Suspension
    2012: Aerodynamics
    2013: Technical Lead

    2014: FSA Engineering Design Judge

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