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Thread: Reasoning your way through the FSAE design process

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    Geoff, it really makes me so sad and angry to read your words. I wish you all the best in the world that you can fight everything thrown at you. We, the FSAE community, stand behind you. Stay strong!
    AMZ Racing
    ETH Zürich

    2010-2011: Suspension
    2012: Aerodynamics
    2013: Technical Lead

    2014: FSA Engineering Design Judge

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    Reading your post brings a tear to my eye Geoff.
    Farewell from FSAE.com and good luck.
    I will keep an eye on you in FB.

    Hang in there and most of all, stay safe.

    The trick is... There is no trick

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    You will be sorely missed, unless you take up my offer of coming over to the west. I am sure it is the Victorian absence of sun that causes half the problems.

    This community and FSAE Oz will not be the same without you. You taught me that the alienated imaginative engineers would find friends and not just opponents in FSAE. That and you danced with my nan.


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    Geoff it has been a hell of a ride so far... We might not have met in person, but I consider you a friend and an inspiration! Keep on fighting BB!

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    I hope you stay safe.

    Take care, good friend.
    Kettering University Vehicle Dynamics
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    Boogityland 2015 - Present

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    Thanks Pat, Harry, MC, Julian, Kev - cheers for your well wishes. I'm doing fine, amusing myself by contemplating the flaws of the medical and mental health systems and writing "Reasoning your way through the psychoanalytical testing process"....
    Geoff Pearson

    RMIT FSAE 02-04
    Monash FSAE 05
    RMIT FSAE 06-07

    Design it. Build it. Break it.

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    After not having been around this forum a lot for some time as things where quite busy, I just read the latest posts of this thread.

    It's kind of hard to find words after reading this. As someone wrote before, although we never met in person, I consider you a good friend with whome I had some incredible discussions over the years who brought new thoughts to me and widened my mind on a lot of things. Without you a huge gap is opened on this forum.

    All I can do is send you my best wishes and hope the best for you.
    Rennteam Uni Stuttgart
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    2009: Team captain

    GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart
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    I sent you an email (on "y7...").


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    Thanks Geoff for the effort you put into helping FSAE.

    I have just been re-reading this thread today and you and the other contributors have created an invaluable resource for future engineers and FSAE teams. I personally believe reading this thread and the discussions on this topic at your seminars have been the one most useful things I have learnt so far in engineering.

    Thank you,

    Curtin Motorsport Team
    2011 - 2014

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    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    Really sorry to hear about your troubles Geoff.
    A decade of FS involvement hasn't been enough to soak up half of what you've contributed. It's always been nice to log on and see a well constructed piece of advice about cooking in amongst all the car talk.

    Wishing you all the best.

    University of Glasgow BEng 2003-2007
    Oxford Brookes MSc 2007-2008
    University of Glasgow PhD 2009 - god knows when.....
    WORK ....
    Preliminary operational tests proved inconclusive.... It blew up when we flipped the switch

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