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Thread: Brake calipers.

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    We are thinking of using brake rotor and calipers from bikes. In all the bikes the disc is on the right of the wheel. Will it make any difference if we use the same caliper in an upside down fashion on our car? The calipers we have been looking at is made by Bybre, its a sister company of Brembo. Thank u.

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    The orientation of a caliper should not matter as long as you can still effectively bleed the brakes. Staggered pistons would also be troublesome, but I do not think that is very common on motorcycle calipers.
    Owen Thomas
    University of Calgary FSAE, Schulich Racing

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    thanks alot.. this makes our job much simpler

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    Using motorcycle calipers is pretty common in this competition, although it may be necessary to fully bleed them by taking them off the car and holding them up in the air depending on the bleed valve orientation and internal construction.

    That is a minor issue.
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