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Thread: Track map

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    Where is possible to find a map of the track of FSAE or FS dynamic events?
    We are trying to create a new track using Adams.

    Firenze Race Team V2


    DUCATI POWER at the Universit√* di Firenze

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    On our website under the Formula Student photos, there are 3 photos when placed together form the Formula Student 'go kart' section. I hope that helps.


    University of Toronto Formula SAE Racing Team

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    Anybody have any track maps from the past few years? It'd be nice to try and figure out what percent of the time we'd be accelerating, steady-state cornering, slaloming, braking, etc. to try and optimize certain things.

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    I have some track maps that I could e-mail to anyone interested. Please send your e-mail address to JP33733@aol.com.


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    I recieved several e-mails and sent out the maps. I believe someone is going to post the maps on this site.

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    Thanks very much! They'll definetly be helpful for us.

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    could someone please send one to me as well...
    e-mail: krisholley2005@Yahoo.com

    Thanks it would be appreciated.

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    You'll find one on http://www.formulastudent.de
    KTH Racing '03-'08
    Dartmouth Formula Racing '07

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    could someone send me the maps please?i'm a new comer.harry21612@yahoo.com.cn thanks a lot

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