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Thread: Riteh Racing Team promotional video

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    Video looks cool, but is this already a new year car?
    Pity you put so suckie music

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    Yes, it's new car but not finished yet. Fuel tank, firewall and differential are still not on the car and we will make new bodyshell.
    Music is great :P
    Riteh Racing Team
    Team leader

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    Wow, you already have a new car, I guess your Univeristy supports you 100%.
    How many team members do you have?
    -new bodshell? maybe with aero?
    +1 music sucks

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    Yeah right, we got <1500$ from university last year.
    There is 10 team members but only 5 of us is actually doing something
    New bodyshell because this one is our first attempt to do something from fiberglass, there will be no aero on new version.
    Music is great
    Riteh Racing Team
    Team leader

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