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Thread: Dampers

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    I am looking for Cane creek double barrel dampers modified for FSAE cars or penske 7800 FSAE shocks.
    Anyone who wants to sell or knows some place i can get them from ?

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    Chris Billings

    He sells Penske 7800's and is a wonderful shop to do business with.
    Scott Brenaman
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    Originally posted by Akshat:
    Anyone who wants to sell or knows some place i can get them from ?
    Have you tried the search function or Google?
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    I think you got me wrong there.
    I meant that if there is any team who has spare dampers which they do not intend to use then we are ready to buy them provided they tally with our specifications.

    Also, i did try google and other search engines and have contacted distributors for the same but have not received a response yet.
    So if any body could help me with it .. it'll be great.

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