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Thread: ebc prolite floating rotors

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    does anyone have/know which EBC rotors that best fit the 13" wheels? In other words I'm looking for the rotors which are about less than 9". If you have a part/model/product number please reply to this message

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    does anyone have/know which EBC rotors that best fit the 13" wheels? In other words I'm looking for the rotors which are about less than 9". If you have a part/model/product number please reply to this message

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    Frankly, EBC products are CRAP!

    Their Green pads suck, and their Red pads suck too. I know what you are going to say..."Well Im not looking for pads"... Well I know of many instance where their rotors have crack, albeit not motorcyle disks. Im not to sure but I remember a long time experienced racer mentioning that the cross-drills were drilled post manufacturing rather than cast as such.

    If I were you I would stick with tested and true Willwood, etal.


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    I use the EBC pro-lite full floating rotors on my motorcycle for racing, they are great as far as feel and fade go. Now life expectancy is another story. I usualy get about 500 miles on my rotors before they are warped. green, red and anything else ARE crap.. I go with the double H sintered pads for motorcycles, they BITE!!!
    we used wilwood calipers last year and the year before that and they busted up, leaked and were plain junk.... thats my 2 cents

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    How do the green stuff pads suck, exactly? I just bought a set for my Accord but I haven't yet installed them on my car. The specs on them seem great. Do they wear out quickly? Do they excessively wear down the rotors or cause rotor warping? Do they fade? Are they at least better than standard pads?

    The green stuff and red stuff pads aren't really intended to be serious race pads anyway. I am hoping that, for occasionally heavy street use they will be alright. Maybe they sucked because you used them improperly, for racing instead of street use?


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    Well for my current car, the OEM's were better than the greens in terms of, initial bite, noise, wear, and fade. EBC Greens are marketed as performance street pads that have reduced dust. All I found they did better than stock was the former, reduce dust.

    In terms of the Reds, they act like full blown race pad when cold and don't resist fade as well as Hawk HP+ or Forrodo street pads, and then last barely one track day (which they are made for)!!... My slicks last longer than that! Plus they are Louder than Wilwood Polymatrix 'D' race compounds!

    I guess it comes down to how good your OE pads are? But, I will never buy EBC again when there are other options like Ferrodo, Porterfield, Hawk, Performance Friction, and even KVR all near the same price point.

    Best thing to do is find out what the experienced racers are using. This can be found on many discussion boards. Try to avoid the ricer boards, most of them don't know shyte. Corner-carvers.com is a good one, althought its for Mustangs enthusiasts. There should be good info there. Search for SCCA or NASA regional boards, there are always Einsteins lurking around.


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    I personaly like the sintered double H pads because I ride HARD on the street and try to be hard on the racetrack w/ my bike.. I don't know if they make them for automotive applications, but they are made for motorcycles. The EBC double-H pads are for race use only, but I swear by them and use them all the time street or track. Now for my honda civic, I just use cheapos from bendix, you aren't going to obtain much improvement by changing pads unless you go metalic or carbon.

    the problem w/ the green stuff is that they are too hard and wear down slow. the kinetic coefficient of friction is also low.

    Here's how it is:
    the sintered pads by EBC and brembo wear down faster than regular organic pads. Plus the sintered pads have a better feel and driver feedback. That is because the sintered pads have a greater difference between the static coefficient of friction and the kinetic coefficient of friction versus the regular organic pads. in other words the sintered pads will require more pedal/lever effort to lock up the wheels vs using organic pads.

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