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Thread: Suspension design books

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    I'm searching for a good book about suspension design.
    We need it for design and building a completly new FSAE car. I'm sure you can recommend me some. Which one did you use. (english or german please )

    And if you know other books which could be usable for the FSAE design and competition, please recommend them too.

    Thank you very much.

    2002/03 University of MARIBOR - Team Member

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    Race Car Vehicle Dynamics, by Milliken & Milliken.

    "The Bible" as we call it.

    UVIC Formula SAE Team


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    Yeah, Milliken & Milliken is the book to read.

    If M & M is the bible, then the "to win" series are the ten commandments. Your team should probably have a copy of the "to win" books by Carroll Smith. Engineer to Win and Tune to Win have bits about suspension. Drive to Win is useful too.

    Allan Staniforth has a bunch of books too. I've never read them, but there seems to be one covering suspension: "Competiton Car Suspension: Design, Construction, Tuning"

    Anyone have any comments on the Staniforth Books?

    Herb Adams "Chassis Engineering" seems to have a chapter on suspension stuff. Never read it, any comments?


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    Staniforth's book is well written and has some good stuff on springs and dampers. Probably the best part is the interviews with professional designers like John Barnard (Brabham, Ferrari). Staniforth IS an FSAE design judge so reading the book obviously can't hurt.

    I definately recommend that NOONE reads the new book on racing tires by Paul Haney. It contains too much useful information and will only make your car faster Besides I read all these books and still have no clue how to design a proper suspension.

    Aaron Johnston
    University of Waterloo FSAE


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    I have a list of recommended references I used to hand out to my classes, which I could provide our webmaster to post in some section. It's a bit outdated (I haven't kept up with revised editions in all cases.), but some might find it useful.

    - Dick

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    Thanks you all for the answers! I think my team has some "To Win" books, but I would rather have a copy for myself.
    And of course I'm going to look for the M&M book. It sounds realy good, but I'm not sure if it is good for a rookie like me.

    And Dick, every paper would be very usefull, cause I've no contact to former members who designed our 00-03 suspensions! Please upload the references.

    2002/03 University of MARIBOR - Team Member

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    I'm going to start a new post about books just so that everyone can use it as a reference.

    Cyclone Racing
    Iowa State University
    Project Director

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    Great idea! Thanks

    2002/03 University of MARIBOR - Team Member

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    Yes, Staniforth's book is excellent. Although the interviews at first sound interesting, those guys are too smart to give away anything useful. Don't forget that Gordon Murray was interviewed too, of Brabbham F1, McLaren F1 road car and soon Mercedes SLR fame. He also happened to bring push/pull rods to F1 and eventually every other racing series.

    I've read Millikens, Staniforth and am currently reading C. Smith's Tune to Win. When the cash comes, I'll get the entire "To Win" series and also Haney's tire book. So far, I think C. Smith is the smartest of the bunch, although you have to read deep to find that in his book. He does not delve into technicalities like the Millikens.

    Bob Mai
    University of Manitoba

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