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Thread: Formula JSAE

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    Hi Pat and all

    I think Formula JSAE was a very unripe event still now.
    For example...
    Time measurement was counted by the stopwatch.
    And, there is no staff who knows about the racing car at desigin event.
    Nobody keeps deadline and it is allowed.
    Nobody has Wire Twister and it does not become a problem by the technical inspection by that.
    The course layout was very dangerous.
    For example,
    The brake test ran toward the cliff like a chicken race.

    About the result of others, it upload to our site later.

    I think that is very difficult to learn something in Formula JSAE.
    But I hope Japanese event growing up to good event.

    I don't wanna write any more.
    Because we are loser in this time.



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    congratulations, and thanks for the report


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    Thanks Akira and Thanks Frank

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    Hi everyone. I was in the University of Leeds team at the 2004 JSAE event at the Twin-ring Motegi. We had a blast going to Japan but it was so unfortunate our car couldn't run at the event. I just want to see if anyone has any photos of that event that they can share....

    Best regards,


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    Akira, Did you (Tokyo Denki) and Sophia both use the same cars that you used at the Australian event, or were they new cars??
    If they were the same event, I can't see how you guys could have been beaten-you placed really well at the Australian event, and were worthy of your placing

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    Andrew Costin
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    Off topic:
    A nice small touch I notice in the JSAE group shot: a banner sign with the event and year up front. I know whenever someone walks in a FSAE shop and notices the panoramic, I have to take a close look at the cars to determine what year the pic was taken. Of course I could just attach a sign.
    -Steve Yao
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    All the panoramics I have have the year printed on them. But I am old.
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    I think we (UT Arlington) might have some pics from the 2004 event. Try contacting Dr. Woods at his email address. I am assuming you can find the University website and find faculty email addresses here. If not, let me know.

    As for the organization of the event, I am surprised that the 2005 event sounds so pourly organized. The 2004 event was so extremely well organized at the Twin Ring facilities that I find it extremely surprising that it would be so drasticly different. They went as far as to have a former F1 Honda Engineer from the 60's and 70's as the chief engineer for the event. I am sorry to hear that the Japan event has fallen under difficult times. I hope the event continues to grow and finds it's way back to the organization we saw at the 2004 event.
    - Erick

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    Am I missing something? Where was it stated that the 2005 JSAE had fell on hard times or was poorly organized?
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    Yeah, I agree. The 2004 JSAE event was very well managed and planned. I remember when our car (Leeds Uni) had engine problems a group of Honda ebgineers of yesteryear came by to give a halping hand albeit to no avail. But yeah, the 2004 JSAE event was cool. Dunno about the 2005 event tho cos i didn't go...

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