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Thread: BOOK LIST to reference for car design

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    Hello all,
    Is their any book from where I can get the knowledge for the engine simulation and camshaft profile analysis.
    Reply asap.
    Thank you.

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    Here's a new one that's loaded with FSAE-specific guidance:

    Think Fast - The Racer's Why-To Guide to Winning

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    any specific book on the chain-drive differentials?
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    Thanks for the book lists.However,I have no access to most of the books in China.And I have little info on race car which I need most here.I'm wondering if anybody can send me some e-books via e-maile,I will be very very grateful. 824514395@qq.com

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    I need a book about race cars drivelines specially chain drive

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    hi everybody...
    if anyone can help me to get links for the ebooks for the books mentioned above..by mechanicaldan
    i will be thankful to you.

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    No, we will not infringe copyright laws and do all the legwork of stealing others' intellectual property for you.
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    Hi everybody
    I was wondering if anyone can recommend books or papers that would be directly related to aotomotive dampers. I already have "The Shock Absorers" by Dixon; especially I'm looking for "Stoß- und Schwingungsdämpfer" by Reimpell J., Stoll H. in english (original in german)
    I will be very very grateful for any info on my email: koscielnyzst@poczta.fm
    Best Regards,

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    When my 1st year team went to judging for our car we were told the 1st book we should read is "An Introduction to Race Car Engineering" by Warren Rowley. I could only find it directly from his site: http://www.rowleyrace.com/ It is a very detailed book that is designed for actual racecar engineers to read. It is well worth the money and this one book is a treasure of information. It includes suspension software too. For the price of I beleive $120 it is a great deal. This books is 2 or 3" thick and will keep you busy with top notch information.


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