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Thread: BOOK LIST to reference for car design

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    if you get the student liscense of ADAMS/Car (here comes that argument again) theres a book called "A Mulibody Approach to Vehicle Dynamics" by Harty thats decent.


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    Limpert, Rudolf, Brake Design and Safety. SAE, 1992. ISBN 1-56091-261-8.
    Be very carfeul with this book - Limpert's mathematical (or proofreading) skills leave MUCH to be desired.

    His referencing is bloody awful too - lots and lots of constants in there with no references, no descriptions of how they were derived, no descriptions of the assumptions etc.

    Going on the amount of drum-brake material in there and references to asbestos pad compounds, I worry that his assumptions/constants may be valid for old american iron but are of no value to us - hence it /is/ a useful read, but treat the numbers with a pinch of salt.

    Puhn, Fred, Brake Handbook. H.P. Books, 1985. ISBN 0-89586-232-8
    Though this can be read cover-cover in an hour or so, it isn't a particularly useful book for formula student/formula sae. Most of what it says is physics 101, and spends as much time on non-applicable drum-brake 'stuff' and 'history of brakes' that's not of interest.

    Neither of these two books deal with materials BTW.

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    Driving Books:
    Niki Lauda: "Art and science of Grand Prix driving"# ISBN-10: 0879380497
    # ISBN-13: 978-0879380496

    One of the more intelligent and less ego focused books on the subject.

    Piero Taruffi: The Technique of Motor Racing.
    ISBN Unknown.
    An old book written in the 1950's but one still relevant to learning the basics.
    Lauda's book is better value in my opinion.


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    Brigadier General

    Wow there's a lot of books on this thread. I'm looking for recommendations for the BEST EFI/ignition tuning & engine management books. It looks like there is one recommendation for "Engine Management".

    So let's here about the books you liked and disliked regarding fuel and spark tuning philosophy.
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    i'm lookin for books/research papers/anything regarding ECU, its working and programming aspects.

    Does the book "Engine management" cover the above topic..??

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    Rowley, Warren J,. An Introduction to Race Car Engineering


    Comes with a demo of WinGeo3, and a good portion of the book is based around the software.

    This plus the Milliken RCVD book is a good start.

    Edit: Pacejka, Hans B. Tire and Vehicle Dynamics, Second Edition

    Once you get that tire data, this book helps with modeling it.
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    123. Machinery's Handbook. Industrial Press, Inc. THE bible of how to machine parts, and much much more!

    124. Clutch & Flywheel Handbook by Tom Monroe. Out of print, but worth the effort to locate a copy.

    125. The High-Speed Internal-Combustion Engine by Sir Harry R. Ricardo. THE bible of I.C. First published back in 1923. Still relevant today. If you are just starting down the road to I.C. understanding, this is a good place to start.

    126. SAE Handbook. Any late model set is going to be handy at times. I particularly enjoy looking through the really old ones from the '30s, '40s, & '50s. (Not really relevant to building a competetive FSAE car today, but remember, the more you understand automotive history, the less likely you will be to make the same mistakes some other engineer made already... back in the early 20th century, or even earlier!

    127. The Unfair Advantage by Mark Donohue with Paul Van Valkenburgh. Mark's autobiography. Written from the perspective of two fine engineers. This is the first example (that I know of) of a racer that used skid pad testing on all his race cars prior to track testing, in order to sort out spring rates and anti-roll bar rates for best oversteer/understeer characteristics. Lots of good stuff in here about Roger Penske's early racing career as well. It is THE unfair advantage(s) that you build into your own race car that will set you apart from the rest of the pack, and ultimately lead you to the winner's circle!

    I have known a lot of the 'greats' in motorsports, and have, at times, enjoyed the priviledge of perusing their personal book collections. I can assure you that a lot of the books listed here were on their personal library shelves. In today's electronic age of communication, it would seem that a paper book is a dinosaur not worthy of excavation, but remember this always: "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it". George Santayana 1905
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    Suspension Analysis and Computational Geometry by John Dixon


    Havent read through it, bought it today, seems like it was recently released.
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    'Racing and Sportscar Chassis Design' by Costin and Phipps was the bible in my design days.
    Published initially in 1961, in many ways it is way out of date, however a VERY suitable text book to start with.

    Long out of print, a .pdf copy can be downloaded free from


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    "The Shock Absorber Handbook" John C. Dixon
    The best/only book I have found on automotive dampers.

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