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Thread: BOOK LIST to reference for car design

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechanicaldan View Post
    Here's a few more I found....
    18. Race Car Vehicle Dynamics (R146) by William F. Milliken, Douglas L. Milliken
    It's just come to my attention (Sept 2018) that Amazon is charging an outrageous price for "RCVD", as of today their price is USD $180. The SAE Bookstore price is $100 and it is discounted for SAE members. Also, Amazon is asking an even more ridiculous price for the workbook, "RCVD: Problems, Answers and Experiments". I hope I'm not out of line in saying: Students, Amazon is not your friend!

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    I often use www.abebooks.com for buying books. They have a very extensive range of new & used books, often at very reasonable prices.

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