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Thread: BOOK LIST to reference for car design

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    Vehicular Engine Design, 2nd Ed. is available electronically here as an ebook:
    Brian Dondlinger
    New Publication: Vehicular Engine Design, 2nd ed. on Amazon and Springer.com

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    Another book to add to the list...

    Physics For Gearheads: An Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics, Energy, and Power with Examples from Motorsports
    by Dr. Randall Beikmann
    ISBN: 978-0-8376-1615-5
    published by: Bentley Publishers
    I found and purchased my copy on Amazon.com

    I found this to be a fun book which covers all the physics you encounter in designing, building and testing a FSAE car. It is written at somewhat of an entry level from the math standpoint, to make the formulas easily understood. This book is a handy look-up reference for the formulas all FSAE teams commonly use. I have never seen a physics book which tied in directly to motorsports. That is what makes this book so unique and useful.

    This would make a great book for freshman team members to be able to refer to (and learn from), although it will be quite usable for team members at all skill levels (including this engineer!).

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    Learn and Compete: the phantom publisher

    I am looking to obtain a copy of the Learn and Compete book, but it seems to be unavailable. Even the Kindle version on Amazon is "under review" and cannot be purchased. My softback book was (foolishly) lent to my former team and was promptly misplaced, of course.

    Both Michael Royce and Doug Milliken appear to still frequent this forum, so I thought it would be worth reaching out. If anyone else knows of a way to get a copy, I would sure appreciate the help.
    Owen Thomas
    University of Calgary FSAE, Schulich Racing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owen Thomas View Post
    I am looking to obtain a copy of the Learn and Compete book...
    I thought it was currently out of print, with used book sellers the only choice. But the other day I found this link to the publisher,
    I strongly suggest you check stock before sending payment.
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    A couple of weeks ago I had a note from RaceTech, the publisher of our book, that there were just a few copies left. Doug has given you the link, so try it.

    Michael Royce.

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    How far away is the second edition Michael?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Clarke View Post
    How far away is the second edition Michael?

    Yes! Please! This!
    Brunel Racing
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    I spoke with the publishers at FSUK.
    They are still waiting for some input, it seems some contributors are a bit slow.
    I asked Willem Toet to submit an aero chapter.
    Hopefully the book will be out before then end of the year.

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    Regarding driving

    "Optimum Drive" is a great book about driving. It is not a terribly technical treatise; there are very few charts, graphs, calculations etc. Its more about attitude, approach, and feel.
    At the same time, it is still very pragmatic. The author, Paul F. Gerrard, has a diverse background in professional racing, driving instruction and coaching, and TV/Film work. Also,
    he attends racing trade shows, such as PRI, were i became personally acquainted with him this past fall, and Autosport. See www.theoptimumdrive.com

    While on this subject, also see "Going Faster! by Carl Lopez. I'll admit to being biased on this as Carl is an old friend, and i was at Skip Barber when he wrote it.

    Finally Carroll Smiths "Drive to Win". Don't make the mistake of thinking this was written purely by an engineer. Carroll, in his younger years, was a competitive race car driver,
    including in European Formula 3.

    My apologies if the last two were previously mentioned.

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    Control of Motorcycle Noise: Volume 1, Technology and Cost Information
    United States. Environmental Protection Agency - 1974

    This is not a design book, but rather a pragmatic look at areas of concerns and methods of addressing noise of production motorcycles. At this point, if your design is finished,
    and the car is running, and noise is an issue, this could help. As a competition observer, it pains me to watch teams thrashing to meet noise. At that point, this publication would be
    a real help.

    There is also another EPA publication, Control of snowmobile Noise: Volume 1, Technology and Cost Information, again from 1974, that is interesting, but perhaps not as useful.

    An internet search will result in a number of ways to obtain these publications.

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