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Thread: University of Calgary Shootout Aug 21-23

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    The University of Calgary is please to be able to host a race weekend from August 21 to August 23 2009.

    The event will be held at the 1.1 km Varsity Chrysler Speed Park Kart Track in Calgary,Alberta Canada. All teams are welcome to this event.
    University of Calgary Formula SAE
    Engine/Drivetrain 2005-2009

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    Just some extra info:

    The track is available for us to run from sunrise to sunset on all three days. On the Friday and Saturday the track will remain open for kart club members who may show up to run test&tune laps in conjunction with us.

    On the Sunday we have exclusive use of the track, so we can run a few more structured events.

    Also, on the Saturday there's a local AutoX event we can join.

    So basically we have three full days available to flog our cars (for free!), so please pass this info along to any other teams, and contact us ASAP.

    Link to Calgary Kart Track
    University of Calgary Formula SAE

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    List of interested teams:

    U Alberta
    U British Columbia
    Western Washington
    CalPoly Ponoma
    University of Calgary Formula SAE

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    Manitoba is in...

    Come on guys, its free and the track looks pretty sweet.

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    University of Alberta will be there as well, with our last two cars.
    Daniel Vaandrager
    Team Leader 2010, 2011
    Fabrication Leader 2009
    Fabricator 2007, 2008
    University of Alberta

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