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Thread: Insulate the Fuel tank from the exhaust

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    Insulate the Fuel tank from the exhaust


    1-Is there any regulations regarding the insulation of the fuel tank from any heat source!?

    2-If NO, should we apply the firewall insulation regulations in "T4.3.2" or we can estimate the thickness of the insulation!?

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    I couldn't find anything in the Fuel and Fuel System section relating to insulation but I would suggest sending a question to the rules committee.
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    Well, I would suggest making sure no part of the fuel tank is able to get warmer than ~250C. Cooler than that is better, but any warmer and you'll have autoignition in your tank. If your tank is plastic or rubber, the ignition point could be lower.
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    if you have serious problem with the fuel tank temp.
    try to cover the exhaust pipe(s).
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    Generally if there is more than 2" gap from the exhaust and if the fuel tank is made of (or covered with) fire retardant material there should be no issue.
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